Sagittarius's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for December 2023

A new cycle of expansion is beginning, and you're driving yourself forward with an unshakeable force. There's no question of letting the slightest opportunity to assert yourself slip by, but don't offend anyone, or you'll create chaos. Take a step back from your emotions, so that you can constructively manage your relationships and make everyday life flow smoothly.

Sagittarius: Mood for December 2023

You're not quite ready to make concessions on the merits. You want to free yourself from rules, codes and modes of operation that have ended up grounding you. In love or business, you openly express your desires, but spare those who don't understand your new whims.

Sagittarius: Love for December 2023

Take the time you need to learn from past experiences. Venus invites you to sort things out. Don't be too overt about your current desire for greater autonomy within your partner or family.

In couple: Venus helps you put your relationship into perspective. If you aspire to evolve in a freer, less fusional way, get your message across without offending the other .

Single: a tendency to seek a different way of life, you're evolving more on your own terms than before. To find the right partner who matches your new criteria, make sure they share the same vision of things as you .

Sagittarius: Money for December 2023

Jupiter may have favored an improvement in your income through a promotion or a new, more remunerative job. Fiery and outspoken, you don't let anyone step on your toes.

Sagittarius: Work for December 2023

If last summer, opportunities arose for you to advance your career and improve your working conditions, you can count on your unshakeable strength to push ahead and get what you want. But respect your colleagues who are surprised by your methods.

Sagittarius: Leisure for December 2023

Your overflowing energies need to be channeled. To use and distribute them wisely, don't hesitate to invest in a punching bag or engage in intense sporting activity.

Sagittarius: Key dates for December 2023

-Number 5: Prefer to observe from afar what's going on before intervening with the family. This is the best way to structure your exchanges with loved ones.
-The 17th: beware of misunderstandings on a day when you need to clarify your intentions before speaking out and possibly causing havoc in the family.
-The 18th: opportunities to bounce back, to get your head above water and to enjoy fine opportunities to improve the ordinary. Privately and professionally, the lights are on. Take the opportunity to turn a corner.
-The 21st: to avoid arguments, break-ups and frequency jams, start by keeping quiet and examining what motivates your actions and intentions. A review of your feelings and emotions is certainly in order.
-28th: conflicts and misunderstandings are likely to disrupt the frequency and electrify the atmosphere in the family. If you want to impose your codes on everyone, calm down.

Sagittarius: Advice for December 2023

December invites you to take a step back on the sentimental front to identify your new needs and make the right choices. If you don't. You'll be rushing headlong towards your goals. But be careful not to offend those around you in the process.

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