Aquarius's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for December 2023

You can use your projects and social influence to increase your income and express your potential more explicitly. But don't be too daring with your plans, or you risk not finding the means to carry them out, or overestimating your powers. Take a step back and assess what you can achieve, so that you can bring your projects to fruition.

Aquarius: Mood for December 2023

Determined to improve your living conditions, to generate favorable conditions for your family and private fulfillment, you nevertheless keep in the background the desire to reconnect with more freedom to be and act. You'll have to find a compromise between everyone's well-being and your desire for independence.

Aquarius: Love for December 2023

If you shine in society, your entourage could take offense at your repeated absences . To regain more autonomy from your family, proceed gently and don't provoke them by adopting too free an attitude .

In couple: you love being the center of the world at work, and you're looking to seduce. Don't let your charm offensives offend those who are waiting for you to return to the marital home.

Single: don't hurt your loved ones by showing off instead of taking care of your own . If you want to distance yourself from your loved ones, send them a gentle message.

Aquarius: Money for December 2023

If you're thinking of investing in real estate or a home, or expanding your family, you'll need to rely on your ability to convince your contacts of the legitimacy of your plans, and on your popularity to seal the deal.

Aquarius: Work for December 2023

Fully committed to a project and determined to see it through to the end, to make it a reality. You'll have plenty of courage and energy to pave the way, and you're counting on your comfortable popularity to get you the support you need. Now is the time to make major changes to your lifestyle.

Aquarius: Leisure for December 2023

If you love to frequent social circles sensitive to your charm, divide your free time between social outings and family getaways to avoid offending loved ones who feel you're drifting apart.

Aquarius: Key dates for December 2023

-5th: If you feel that you're making progress in very small steps, that your advances seem to be constantly held back by events, count on your personal radiance to plead your cause and get things moving.
-The 17th: your plans come to nothing. You feel as if you're tilting at windmills, that your initiatives are going nowhere. Start by clarifying your intentions in order to better determine the right way to proceed.
-The 18th: if you're planning to expand your family, invest in real estate or move to a more comfortable environment, you'll be negotiating in the shadows, making sure that everything goes according to plan.
-The 21st: charm in spades and an ability to shine in society. If you don't want those around you to reproach you for neglecting them, explain that you're serving their interests as well as your own.
-28th: avoid raising your voice too much, even if your desire to bring your projects to fruition remains legitimate, don't put pressure on everyone to achieve your goals. You'll end up playing against your own side.

Aquarius: Advice for December 2023

December is a month in which you enjoy being the center of the world. Between success in society and the desire to redefine your space with your family, don't give up the prey for the shadow.

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