Gemini's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for December 2021

There is no question of going it alone in December. Dialogue must be favored, and listening to others must be as attentive and respectful as possible. This could avoid misunderstandings that could arise if you give too much importance to your personal ambitions and neglect those around you. Some people will rely on their undeniable magnetism to rekindle the flame or arouse passions. At the same time, others will have too much to deal with outside to take a close interest in their private lives.

Gemini: Mood for December 2021

The sky is clear until the 13th, but after that, your energy will be under a bit of pressure, and your usual cynicism could resurface. Don't alienate your loved ones for too long because of a mood swing. Keep your sense of humor and a bit of self-mockery to put your worries into perspective and make them bearable for those around you. Your projects are growing and becoming more structured. This is what you should consider, troubles, loss of energy, or tensions are only temporary.

Gemini: Love for December 2021

Saturn will gradually stop holding you back in your desire to realize your personal ambitions. This is the ideal time to move up a gear at work, not necessarily in love. From the 29th onwards, everything becomes possible on a professional level. In December, Venus increases your magnetism and could favor intense impulses and sensual love at first sight. Your sensuality is irresistible, but you should ask yourself how you use it. In the meantime, rely on dialogue to elevate the debate and perhaps reach the top.

Gemini: Money for December 2021

Venus should protect your finances and even increase your income or wealth at the end of the year. Mercury helps you to think big. Jupiter supports your projects, and Saturn structures them. It's really an ideal cocktail to make the necessary expenses you were thinking of, invest intelligently, or, more simply, ask for a raise or an end-of-year bonus. All the indicators are green for a month filled with good news in the financial sector.

Gemini: Work for December 2021

Saturn sets your achievements on solid ground, and Jupiter opens up the field of possibilities. But if you try to take shortcuts to achieve your goals, you may run into a mishap. Stay with a strategic approach to the work to be done rather than prioritizing your personal interests. Mars favors agreements and contract signatures in the second half of the year and allows you to associate yourself to better evolve. This end of the year is favorable for finances. Your charm and talent should help you get a raise or a nice bonus, the reward of efficient work.

Gemini: Leisure for December 2021

Your playful side is encouraged in December. It's an excellent time to entertain your friends for a board game night or a friendly meal. You also need to be physically active! Whether on foot or by bike, explore the area or join a sports team to eliminate the nervous tension you accumulate at work or with your family. Prepare your New Year's Eve parties! You are brimming with good ideas. Your skill can work miracles in decorating and meals but especially in the animation of unforgettable evenings.

Gemini: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 6th, put your strength and talents at the service of the community and its interests.

- On the 11th, your charm bewitches your partners, and your speeches seduce them.

- On the 19th, the Full Moon illuminates you and makes you very attractive.

- On the 25th, you seek to understand the impulses that guide your emotional choices. You would like to give in to your passions without losing control.

- On the 26th, you will rely on your flair to influence those in power so that they rally to your side with success.

- On the 30th, by associating firmness of speech and seriousness of initiatives, you evolve and dissipate the fears of those who slow down your impulses a little.

Gemini: Advice for December 2021

In December, you will not encounter any obstacles to your expansion, and your efforts will pay off. Agree to slow down, and the barriers will fall away in time. You can afford to climb high and think big if you don't take everything for granted. Don't make others distrust you or play against your own side.

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