Taurus's horoscope for December 2020

Written by Daisy

December is the last month of an eventful year where the worst has rubbed shoulders with the best. On the one hand, a nasty virus, small dictators, and liberticidal laws. On the other hand, the solidarity of the fragile, so strong in their souls. Saturn induces responsibilities and constraints from the 17th, Jupiter opens different paths to help us reinvent a world more in line with Aquarius's values. We want to free ourselves from an old world that pulls us back. Let's hope that this rebirth does not come up against the immobility of those who cling to the sinking raft in 2021.

Taurus: Love horoscope for December 2020

Love: We Change Dimension?

Count on Venus to optimize your potential for personal and social development. If this expansion does not touch the emotional sphere, this tender planet acts as a catalyst that can favourably influence events and your surroundings through dialogue, commitment, or closeness. You have emotional support at the end of the year that allows you to broaden your horizons, Taurus, see bigger, higher, and more beautiful.

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st) It's Moving!

The first fortnight is calm. Take advantage of it to gather your forces and be ready to attack the second half in full possession of your means. Opportunities to take flight arise around the 21st: Jupiter and Saturn cross paths. This sizeable duo favours your expansion and invites you to push back the previous limits that prevented you from taking off. Even if the context remains constraining, don't miss any opportunity to free yourself and take a step towards greater abundance.

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th) play fair until the end!

You deploy treasures of tenderness to convince whoever you love to follow in a life project that matters to you. It's time to take a step towards the other and listen to him/her to decide together on the orientation to give to your future. But don't manipulate people, on the 9th and the 13th. It is better to ben be clear and demanding that we be clear with you to avoid disappointment or let downs.

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th) Enough to Convince, Even Bewitch!

Use dialogue to convince the other person to adhere to your world view. You lack neither charm nor arguments to make anyone want to believe you and follow you on new adventures. At the end of slow but profound evolution, you surpass yourself and expect the best in life. Count on a sky devoted to your cause to invite your partner to take off with you but give up pressuring them to obey you. Don't try to control but instead convince to broaden your horizons.

Advice from FREE Horoscope

December gives you the means to achieve your goals. You've been paving the way for a long time, and you deserve the reward. To maximize your chances of ending the year on a high note, stay honest no matter what.

Taurus: The thread of the month for December 2020

The First Week,

The 6th, listening attentively to your partner and undeniable charm are likely to help you convince and bewitch your crush or whoever you like. The 9th, if your quest for an ideal motivates your initiatives, make sure that they are irreproachable. The 10th, you can make a difference: find that special someone, restore meaning to your union, or succeed in business. Use your power of seduction to make an impression on minds and hearts. The 11th, resources, and supports work to defend your interests, and your hidden resources provide strategies that pay off if you don't try to fool anyone. The 13th, watch out for what you say that stirs up trouble in the minds of those who want to believe you and follow you, but not at any cost.

The Second Week,

The 14th, the New Moon favours negotiations and transformations if you give up taking all the credit. Rely on your benevolence and your ability to take a step towards each other to rally the votes and widen your horizons, push back the boundaries of the possible and surpass yourself. The 15th, powerful arguments and effective methods, enough to break down the remaining resistance that still hinders your evolution. The 20th, an incredible eloquence, a sense of strategy and an infallible flair make your files move in the right direction.

The Third Week,

The 21st, you evolve in a favorable context to seize your chance, even if the atmosphere remains austere. The 23rd, don't try any manipulation or offensive approach if you don't want to hurt feelings and play against your interests. The 25th, the opportunity to realize your ambitions and boost your popularity without betraying the need for more freedom. It is an excellent climate to progress.

The Fourth Week,

The 30th, the Full Moon encourages maintaining communication to end the year favourably connected to the outside world. Avoid abusing your charm to influence others or make promises you won't keep.

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