Virgo's horoscope for August 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for August 2022

The Sun recommends that you take the time to learn from the past, but you find it challenging to channel ambitions that become all-consuming. You broaden your horizons and set up a project close to your heart. Try to balance reflection and initiative.

Virgo: Mood for August 2022

You are surfing on a wind of change that is pushing you in the right direction but don't take advantage of it to challenge those who oppose you or try to limit you. You will end the month well if you think before you act. Strengthened by a tonic sky, you will take advantage of your exceptional resources to launch a project that is close to your heart. However, do not abuse your excellent potential and give yourself time to reflect. Galvanized by your affectionate ties, you will strengthen your relationships through projects to be carried out together. Keep confidence in yourself and in each other.

Virgo: Love for August 2022

Venus invites you to examine your relationships to understand how you function emotionally before launching a new cycle in your emotional life with full knowledge of the facts. Count on good vibes that bring joy and positive transformations. You are pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in a wind of novelty. Your perspectives open up the field of possibilities: a pleasant dream or project to share with your partner or with those you love but are blocked by constraints that weigh on your daily life. If you don't disarm quickly, don't rush into anything because you don't have a free hand to act.

Virgo: Money for August 2022

In August, you seem more inclined to defend your ideas and actions than to amass a small fortune (even if one does not prevent the other). Your adventurous spirit outweighs any financial greed. Don't necessarily expect to hit the jackpot, as Saturn will confront you with lack. Whether it's freedom or money (or both), this temporary setback won't affect your long-term happiness.

Virgo: Work for August 2022

Jupiter favors positive developments and changes but stays serious at work. Your hierarchy does not appreciate your initiatives and decisions. Until the 4th, count on an enthusiastic and daring Mars to change things. Some people will change jobs, and everything related to research and innovation will be favored. Take a step back from events. Time to adjust your aim. Mars is looking for openings, pushing you to act to achieve your ambitions. You can convince your contacts, partners, and associates to believe in you and follow you. Still, you will come up against problems of stewardship that will force you to slow down.

Virgo: Leisure for August 2022

You feel more like taking a nap than climbing Mont Blanc in August, even if from the 23rd onwards, the Sun gives you energy. You are tempted to take some risks, and adventures attract you. There is only one step to a survival course in the primary forest or a bungee jump. If you want to share everything with the one you love, go on vacation together (with family or friends) rather than planning a rock climbing course.

Virgo: Key dates for August 2022

-On the 1st, determined to expand your horizons, push your limits, and count on great cosmic support to accelerate the movement.
-On the 7th, your projects have the potential to seduce others, but daily life is a problem, and you are stuck.
-On the 11th, you continue to defend a cause that is important to you. Be careful not to provoke an ambush of adversity.
-On the 18th, in the shadows, you change things to put your destiny on the right track.
-On the 27th, try to smooth out the edges to achieve your goals. If you show your muscles too much, you risk running into someone stronger than you.

Virgo: Advice for August 2022

From the 23rd onwards, your energy level rises, and so does your desire to move and burn calories. This month will not necessarily be a restful one. You may find it difficult to hold still, but calm your inner fire so as not to get out of hand. Aspirations are hampered. You must consider a drop in form or daily life that pulls you down. Take a step back from events and put yourself on pause.

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