Taurus's horoscope for August 2022

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for August 2022

In August, you will not let go of anything. Your impulsiveness will play tricks on you and not be a good advisor. You don't like to leave your comfort zone, but you assert your will, even if it means shaking your security and shaking those around you. But don't let your loved ones down so that you don't end the month too stressed out.

Taurus: Mood for August 2022

Count on the support of Jupiter to ensure your back and Venus to help you evolve in a dynamic environment that makes you feel secure. This sky supports your morale but does not channel your impatience. Some resistance to your desires exasperates you. If someone tries to contradict you or corner you, you will not let them. Count on your will to break with the past! Show clearly who you have become, whether this attitude pleases you or not. You oscillate between crazy hopes, ideals that intoxicate you, and reality that puts your feet back on the ground. Try to keep your head in the stars while staying in touch with a situation that tests your tenacity.

Taurus: Love for August 2022

Count on Venus to protect your family life and lay the groundwork for a project (baby, real estate investment, etc.) that you are excited about. But don't take advantage of it to make excessive demands that alter such beautiful harmony. You can communicate without offending anyone, but put on the gloves with your family. Your desire for independence is not well received. Your head and heart are full of tender and inspiring projects. Despite a reality that thwarts your plans, you show a beautiful determination to pursue your objectives and an idea of life. And if you're dealing with obstacles or disappointments, hang in there.

Taurus: Money for August 2022

From the 20th onwards, you raise your voice to defend your interests. However, it is not certain that you will be heard if your aspirations are excessive. At the end of the month, you should consider cutting back. In August, you are keen to claim more independence. Now is the time if you want to take advantage of your offensive state of mind to make a financial demand. The raise will come when you've proven you can meet the challenges.

Taurus: Work for August 2022

August invites you to relax and share good times with family and friends under the protection of a sky favorable to your emotional development. From the 20th, Mars encourages you to get back on track. You should expect to return to work under high cosmic tension. Until the 4th, you impose your rules on those around you: you want to manage the ordinary more autonomously. Rely on your talents and an original tone to win over everyone. Saturn will put the brakes on the movement so that you base your initiatives on solid ground, even if it means condemning yourself (temporarily) to treading water.

Taurus: Leisure for August 2022

Take advantage of a sunny day to enjoy bonding activities with your family (or followers), whether a trip to the sea or a game of cards. You're determined to get out of your comfort zone and engage in activities that air you out and give you back the reins and your own power. Take advantage of your vacation to enjoy family activities and forget your current responsibilities. A little boat trip or a mountain hike, well accompanied.

Taurus: Key dates for August 2022

-On the 1st, you're burning to free yourself from a past dragging you backward. Put your best foot forward.
-On the 7th, you'll come up against a wall and a hierarchy holding you back. Don't be too hard on yourself.
-On the 11th, it is by pleading in favor of an idea that you will best win over the votes.
-On the 18th, take the time to gently lay the foundations of a project (family.) that is important to you.
-On the 27th, avoid imposing your codes on those around you. They do not understand or accept your desire for freedom.

Taurus: Advice for August 2022

August would invite you to go on vacation if possible well surrounded. Don't hesitate to get away, to take a trip to the open sea to recharge your batteries and get ready for a new school year that promises to be intense. You assert yourself, whatever the price to pay, no more following the movement, no more turning back, you are going for it. You sometimes have the feeling that you are fighting in vain against obstacles that are impossible to overcome. Do not persist in fighting. Take the time to decompress.

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