Cancer's horoscope for August 2022

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for August 2022

You have charm in spades and an unshakeable will to obtain the means (financial, among others) to realize projects that are important to you and that you will defend with determination and valor. If some people can count on good opportunities, beware of a tendency to demand too much, at the risk of generating confrontations or even counterproductive polemics.

Cancer: Mood for August 2022

Jupiter will crown your efforts and open up new avenues for you on the professional front. You can count on your undeniable magnetism to make an impression. Just beware of a latent aggressiveness that turns against you and your interests. You are constantly acting with a sense of urgency. You can count on excellent reactivity to launch yourself into an adventure but remain in control of your emotions as you are overwhelmed by events.

Cancer: Love for August 2022

Venus exalts your appetites, and you have many assets to put yourself forward and get what you want but try not to get upset if someone resists your pressure. Projects will lift you from the ground, and you will not lack the support of your family, friends, and partner to launch your initiatives. Do not ask for too much financial help from those around you to fully enjoy the openings. You aspire to live an ideal relationship and can count on your power of seduction to reach the goal. Still, you are annoyed by setbacks that prevent you from thoroughly enjoying the present moment. You're not giving up, but you're dealing with a sense of frustration (related to financial worries).

Cancer: Money for August 2022

Venus is sharpening your desires, and you will not hesitate to use your charm to solicit those with power and money to pay you what you deserve. If your prospects justify seeking financial support, remain reasonable in your requests so as not to frighten off those who are willing to help you, but not at any price. Saturn is holding back your economic expansion, so take it easy and invest in your personal quest.

Cancer: Work for August 2022

You are successful at work, but if you have to intervene or negotiate, you should be careful not to be too impulsive and get into trouble. Whether it is a professional project or a radical change of life, count on the situation to support you and accompany you in your initiatives. You rally your troops but beware of excessive demands. You are working hard to realize an aspiration, to serve a cause. You invest yourself in this mission, but you struggle to cope with specific resistance that keeps you stuck in place. Don't admit defeat because you'll end up doing well.

Cancer: Leisure for August 2022

You'll improvise shopping sprees or organize outings, dinners, and activities that empty your pockets but fill you with joy. You're unlikely to choose an embroidery workshop if you plan group activities. You select a rafting course or an experience that will blow your mind. You have a lot of dreams and the ambition to make them come true. If reality is a problem for you, consider escaping to another place through reading or a trip somewhere far away.

Cancer: Key dates for August 2022

-On the 1st, no more procrastination. You will carry out your audacious projects.
-On the 7th, a temporarily insurmountable obstacle does not prevent you from pursuing your quest in business or in love.
-On the 11th, as determined as ever to achieve your goals, unforeseen circumstances short-circuit your efforts.
-On the 18th, your talents are worth their weight in gold. Sell them to hit the jackpot.
-On the 27th, the current is not going well. Moderate your demands.

Cancer: Advice for August 2022

You want to do everything but deprive yourself. Take full advantage of a joyous time to have fun, but be on your guard. To optimize the energy you put into a daring project, think about rationalizing your demands. If material reality is a problem, distance yourself from it. In short, take a vacation.

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