Virgo's horoscope for April 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for April 2022

Dialogue is in the spotlight this month. Count on Venus to pass on your messages gently and bring you closer to those you love. From the 15th on, exchanges take a more offensive turn. You will want to convince and put forward your arguments with determination. This energy will help you to make an impression.

Virgo: Mood for April 2022

It is the desire to exchange with those around you that drives you. You express yourself, but you consider the other person's answers until the 15th when Mars gives you a more offensive approach. You refuse to be bored, whether in love or business, and you push back the limitations. Rely on your ability to seduce, surprise, to win people over. If it's still difficult at the beginning of the month, expect to shift into higher gear afterward. Opportunities to unite, to associate are to be marked with a white stone.

Virgo: Love for April 2022

Venus favors your exchanges, no more question of going it alone, but instead of putting yourself and staying in tune with those you love. From the 20th onwards, you will raise the level of debate to live a story that lives up to your expectations. If you are immersed in discussions that don't concern your emotional life. In that case, you catch up when Venus puts you in tune with the other person, around the 18th, when you can convince the other person to access a more exciting version of the relationship. You will mobilize yourself to overcome the brakes that limit your activity. You will then benefit from an almost telepathic communication with the other. A conducive climate, osmosis of mind and heart, this is a month infinitely favorable to emotional commitments.

Virgo: Money for April 2022

You will find the correct arguments to convince your collaborators to accede to your desires to increase your income. Even if you are more thirsty for love than for recognition. Your willingness to change things and give meaning to your existence takes precedence over everything else. And if you manage to increase your income, you consider this advantage a bonus. Whatever connections you make are beneficial. And if they have nothing to do with your material world, they fulfill you.

Virgo: Work for April 2022

You are defending a spirit of sharing and collaboration, which affects your colleagues, your hierarchy, and your interlocutors in general. You go on the offensive from the 15th onwards, but do not pressure anyone. Suppose you want to change your work and your methods. In that case, you can count on the current situation to lead your hierarchy and your collaborators. They appreciate your audacity and your original approach. If the beginning of the month is still laborious. In that case, Mars will help you relaunch more actively to associate yourself, sign a contract, or validate a promising collaboration.

Virgo: Leisure for April 2022

There's no question of remaining solitary; you want to share and associate. Think about teaming up if you're going to have fun or let off steam. Mobilized by your ambition to change things and push back the possible frontiers, you are in the mood to dare! Especially if it is a question of launching yourself into an adventure. But you are so high in the upper echelons (of love, of business) that you don't really need to spend your time elsewhere or in any other way. On the menu for April, happiness, what more could you ask for?

Virgo: Key dates for April 2022

-On the 5th, you find the strength to get back into action and overcome some of the resistance preventing you from moving forward.
-On the 12th, you will feel the impetus to take a step towards the other person. These are ideal conditions to make a commitment in love or in business.
-On the 18th, you aspire to go beyond the limits that restrain your thirst for novelty.
-On the 27th, an ideal is within your grasp and your heart. What are you waiting for to make it a reality?
-On the 30th, a day favorable to emotional unions and a moment of happiness to savor without reserve.

Virgo: Advice for April 2022

If your attentive and respectful approach is seductive, make sure from the 15th onwards that you do not let Mars and its offensive language lead the debate. Since others seem to support your initiatives and undertakings, there is only one watchword: go for it. The best thing is to dare to discover yourself in your exchanges with others and with the outside world. This month, it's a vector of happiness.

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