Scorpio's horoscope for April 2022

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for April 2022

Take advantage of an undeniable radiance to discover yourself and seduce. Especially from the 5th onwards, Venus will adorn you with a magnetic aura likely to attract and hold the attention of whomever you wish and especially of those you like. The month also lends itself to expressing your talents and ego's desires in search of love and recognition. The ideal month to spread your wings and let your heartbeat?

Scorpio: Mood for April 2022

Greedy, eager for pleasure and recognition, you multiply your charm and seduction offensives. From the 15th onwards, Mars will harden your tone just enough to reinforce your initiatives and bring them to fruition. You will insist on being let off the hook in love or business, and you will no longer tolerate being dictated to or having anything imposed upon you. You express your expectations, and you return to grace and bliss. Take full advantage of the currents that carry you through April and end it on a happy note.

Scorpio: Love for April 2022

Venus exalts your power of seduction. It's an excellent time to express your feelings and search for your soul mate. From the 15th, Mars takes over, and to keep your love affair on track, don't try to control the other person. If you are mobilized by exchanges concerning daily life management, count on Venus to put some fantasy in your love affairs. Use your charms to unblock a family situation, then use your aura to seduce with all the chances of bewitching your partner or attracting whoever you want.

Scorpio: Money for April 2022

Money is not one of your methods for getting love this month. But if your talents bring you money, you won't complain. Above all, you are eager to develop yourself as you see fit without being constantly under someone's tutelage. Your bank account is not your primary motivation for action. Still, your rise to power has earned you well-deserved recognition. Suppose this gratitude is accompanied by a financial reward. In that case, you will not spoil your pleasure, but your main objective remains to shine, not necessarily prosper financially.

Scorpio: Work for April 2022

Take advantage of your newfound creativity to seduce your contacts and turn them into fervent admirers. You're putting yourself on display and have the necessary assets to impress. From the 15th onwards, you will be more directive than charming, and you will impose yourself on the front of the stage. Jupiter has strengthened your creativity, and Venus has made your talents explode. It's up to you to negotiate them to the best of your ability by demanding that you be left free to move and make your own choices. You will then give the best of yourself. You will take advantage of your assets, and you will rally the votes around your initiatives, works, and projects that will delight your partners and interlocutors.

Scorpio: Leisure for April 2022

You have many assets that can assure you of success. If you are creative or an artist, this is the time to expose yourself. If you are not, simply indulge yourself! Take the high road, free yourself from everything that keeps you grounded and prevents you from expressing your most cherished desires. Your desire to enjoy the pleasures of life is growing. You do not hesitate to abandon yourself to the vertigo of love, or you try to reach new heights. You have the choice.

Scorpio: Key dates for April 2022

- On the 5th, if you are experiencing blockages in your family life, you will find the necessary energy to restart processes that have come to a standstill.
- On the 12th, your radiance is bewitching. You are simply irresistible.
- On the 18th, it's a perfect day to gently claim more autonomy in love or business.
- On the 27th, your power of seduction and your creativity are exalted, enough to conquer the other and the world.
- On the 30th, a happy end of the month is in store in the form of a meeting, a birth, a return of an old flame, or a crowning of your talents.

Scorpio: Advice for April 2022

April favors your personal fulfillment, and you devour life to the fullest. April favors the expression of your most essential needs and desires. To manage your relationship, love affairs, and business to your liking, this is the time to assert your rights. Except for the beginning of the month when you will have to make efforts to change things in your family, count on an exceptional sky, an accomplice of your blooming.

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