2023 horoscope Leo

Written by Susan

You attack the year with feelings of expectation and frustration that completely dissipates in early March. Venus in Aries expands your field of consciousness. It makes you take a radical turn on outdated desires. It is from April that things begin to take a lighter and more pleasant turn with Venus in Gemini. It brings you closer to others and friends lost from sight. It is between June and October that your loves leave for new adventures with Venus in your sign. At the end of the year, the atmosphere is happy provided you make some compromises for the holidays.

Leo, your Social life

Until May, Jupiter multiplies your determination and urges you to take action. Your self-confidence is optimal. You are able to move mountains in order to achieve success. You have a head start. In May, when this Jupiterian trine evolves into a square, consider slowing down. Calm your ambitions and accomplish your tasks without trying to overdo it. Accept, with good grace, that the projectors are less focused on you. This year, your expansion is on the right track, so have the wisdom not to force events, or people, to get what you want.

Well-being for the Leo

This year, you are relieved of the weight of Saturn, its coldness and its gloom. To challenge you, Mars in Gemini motivates you. In Leo, it makes you take resolutions. However, avoid excessive intense sports. Remember to relax to soothe your hyperactivity. Yoga, walking in the great outdoors and doing nothing, would also do you the greatest good.

Leo: Your advice for 2023

As soon as you reach your goal, be satisfied and enjoy it instead of going back to fight to get more. This will prevent you from creating unnecessary hostility.

The 2023 for all zodiac signs:

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