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2018 horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Your 2018 love horoscope

Love : A Time for Reflection !
In 2017, you designed new projects and tried to move the lines, to open the future differently or elsewhere? In your journey, you have certainly crossed many obstacles that could slow down or even restrain your progress? In 2018, you will have to take the time to go back, question yourself about your real motivations and take stock of your emotional life and not only this ... Jupiter, who rests in the shadow of your sign until early November, invites you to internalize in order to sort out the essentials from the superfluous and to embark on the adventure. This giant planet of the zodiac will offer you a connection with the subtle, even spiritual currents that surround you so you can try to understand the ways you function in love. It is time to listen to yourself, not necessarily to sow your wild oats or to live flamboyant loves.

Accept this relative pause, which will allow you to begin to orient your emotional life according to new sources and principles, which you gradually understand, must now lead the way.It is within yourself that you must find the resources which will soon allow you to start a new cycle of expansion that begins in November 2018. Indeed, on November 8th Jupiter will invest in your sign and ensure control. Comfortable in the sign of fire, rely on Jupiter to give orders and especially to build upon your previous thoughts and then apply the lessons duly integrated before! No more question then of waiting or retaining your impulses but of going out and conquesting a world and a life that pleases you, puts you in value and should offer you many opportunities to love (starting with loving yourself more) but no longer with the temptation to sacrifice yourself, to make untenable concessions or to live a story that cuts your wings too much!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd) : Your Heart is Elsewhere?
The fall of 2017 brought you a lot of reflection (between October and end of November) and since December 20th, 2017 Saturn urges you to restructure your life and perhaps to probe the degree of importance you give to the material world. How does it help to secure your existence? In 2018, you will have to do much more to identify what is really of value to you than to search for thrills or abandon yourself to the vertigo of love. No doubt you will think of taking some rational measures that will allow you to free yourself from heavy supervision and for some to reduce their lifestyle in order to promote a freer access to everyday life and to apprehend their existence, free of beliefs and constraints that stifles. You will not necessarily feel very available in 2018 to sow your wild oats or reignite the flame and will probably have to wait until the end of the year and the arrival of Jupiter in your sign on November 8th to catch a second wind and give color to your loves. Venus, however, will encourage dialogue and tender exchanges between the 18th and 26th of January and will invite you to send your messages smoothly within the family between the 10th and 18th of February. This delicious planet boosts your power of seduction between March 6th and 15th and will invite you to take a step towards your partner between April 24th and May 2nd. You will probably want to take off a little, to restore your love life and give meaning to your relationship between the 13th and 22nd of June. There is room for projects between August 6th and 17th that you mature in September and sift through between October 12th and 31st. Between December 2nd and 17th, you will see more clearly and carried by Jupiter, since November 8th you will not wait to dare to take over and take back control of your emotional life. A year that may invite you to withdraw a little from the game of love but should help you identify what is still right, what is not right and what is no longer right... for you!

In a Relationship, since the fall of 2017, you feel the need to take your distance or simply to take stock. What do you want for each other and your relationship. Do you feel fully loved and still love your partner like before? Is your relationship enough to fulfill your aspirations? A whole host of questions that you must face without being tempted to flee the tougher subjects! Moreover, Saturn since December 20th, 2017 reinforces this thirst for authenticity and makes you identify your real needs that do not always correspond to the idea you have of them. Take the time to reflect and refocus on the essentials. Between mid-May and early November, Uranus could make you want to renew your life. Listen to this free-spirited zodiac who (especially this summer) could give you some good ideas including ways to spice up your daily life and reclaim the personal space you need in order to continue to feed your couple without denying your quest for more freedom for yourself!

Single, in 2017 you have probably built castles in the sky, crossed paths with new people and enjoyed life well surrounded including the circle of your faithful ones! Between October and the end of November 2017 you have, in one way or another, taken a little distance from the noise of the world and have taken the time to return to the past. What do you really expect from love and relationships? How did your previous stories contribute to your fulfillment? Since the end of December 2017 Saturn invites you to eliminate from your existence everything that no longer fits with a thirst for authenticity that could lead you to withdraw into yourself for a moment in order to determine what could really meet your deepest needs. No more question then of flirting with love but instead you must ask the real questions, even if sometimes they annoy you. At the beginning of November 2018, wait for Jupiter to re-inflate your sails and give you the desire to love and to be loved then perhaps more knowingly!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th) : A new Path is Opening…
In 2017, you lacked the means to carry out your ambitious projects and sometimes despaired about achieving an ideal that inspires you? In 2018, you will have the support (more reflexive than active, however) of Jupiter that could, until January 21st, 2018 and between April 25th and September 19th, well help you identify what really suits you and then invite you to dig the foundations of a life that pleases you! Since 2013, Pluto has been working on your body so that you succeed in putting your gifts into practice and extracting from your subconscious the desires you really want to achieve and those that correspond to you viscerally. This year, focus on ideal astral confluences to understand and begin to orient your existence differently and according to your desires. Since the beginning of December 2017, you benefit from ad hoc celestial relays to embody a dream and lay the foundations for a family life, or to change your framework or even country; or just improve the relationship between you and your loved ones, tightening the ranks by connecting to your powerful feelings and what you have integrated from your inner self-questioning, your deepest needs and the need to take into account if you really want to blossom. You will be able to rely in 2018 on a state of affairs devoted to your cause in January (around the 16th), in May (around the 25th), in August (around the 19th) and in September (around the 12th). Venus will equally facilitate your exchanges with you entourage between January 26th and February 2nd and help you convince your family of the need to believe in you and follow you (however, do it in good form). This tender planet boosts your magnetism and the way you radiate, so none should be left indifferent between March 15th and 23rd. You will be listening to each other in May (between the 2nd and 11th) and you will know what to say and what to do to captivate whoever you want and will have an unparalleled talent between June 22nd and July 1st for taking off and making others want to embark with you for the land of love and push the boundaries of the possible. In August (between the 17th and the 27th) you will have a head and a heart filled with projects and desires that you will have to study closely from the end of September. Expect to encounter some restraints or obstacles from the beginning of October. After necessary adjustments, some doubts to explore and problems to solve in December, you should rebound in January 2019 when Venus puts you center stage!

In a Relationship, did you feel that you were constantly being held back in your impulses in 2017? From December you probably felt the paths finally opening and the opportunity to develop a plan that could meet your desires. Including that of settling down somewhere in order to flourish within the realm of family. In 2018, you will have the opportunity to learn from the past and the potentials you have discovered within to open a new path and other perspectives much more in tune with what closely corresponds to yourself. So, in 2018 do not be afraid to use all your inner riches to trace the outlines of a dream that you could well embody ... in 2019?

Single, you spent a lot of time in 2017 building castles in the sky but did not get many opportunities to make them happen. Lack of means or more profoundly lack of a deep meaning that could allow to embody your desires? Since December 2017, the sky offers you the opportunity to develop a life project likely to meet your most secret but also your most authentic expectations. You can count on Venus to complete this charming picture and help you realize what pleases you and find somewhere to settle down and start a family pronto or soon?

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st) : Prepare to Take Off…
In 2017, you have certainly felt, from time to time, pulled in opposite directions, between your basic need to be yourself and the desire to live loves that free you from alienating conditions. Whether it's through an exciting story, a flashback or a different way of apprehending love by spicing up your relationship, you may have finally found a balance or decided on principles that will govern your love life and allow you to have fun without feeling too tied down. In 2018, Pluto will take care of asking you the essentials. Do you really live up to your deepest needs? Do you feel able to express your full potential in love? As for Uranus who urges you, since 2015, to free yourself from methods that no longer work and certainly gives you the desire to live more your love life more freely, count on its power and free spirit to continue to encourage your emancipation but also to boost your thirst for strong emotions until mid-May and between the beginning of November 2018 and the beginning of March 2019! Now is undoubtedly the time to find the right measure and balance between what you have understood of yourself and your needs and the ways to make them happen in the real world. Be especially attentive to events and even more to what is happening within you in April (around the 14th) where a great opportunity to realize your destiny and what is important to you could be offered. Jupiter will indeed be working in the shadows at the emergence of this new life (takeoff planned for 2019) between January 21st and April 25th and between September 19th and November 8th, 2018! As for Venus, count on its influence to boost your communication, to make useful and/or enjoyable meetings between February 3rd and 10th, to smooth the edges, tighten the ranks or even decide on a new family life between the 26th February and the 2nd of March and seduce whoever you want or relight the flame intensely on March 23rd and 31st. Do not hesitate to listen to your partner between May 11th and May 19th and do not hesitate to mobilize yourself heart, body and soul to change the relationship or find that special someone between July 1st and July 10th! Between August 27th and September 9th you will not have to be begged to imagine daring projects that will undoubtedly be subjected to many tests and to the test of time ... Then bet on Jupiter in mid-February 2019 to get out of the impasse, unfold your wings and start this new chapter of your life carefully prepared, in 2018. This time in full possession of your means!

In a Relationship, you need to spice up your daily life and integrate what you have understood of yourself and the past in order to fully live your story but without ever forgoing the respect of your authenticity? So late 2017 you feel that you have found a balance between too much and not enough, between the fun and thirst for life in line with your new maturity, expect to be a little jostled by Pluto who from the beginning of February until mid-July will further widen this desire to access priority to yourself and your desire to achieve your full potential. It's up to you to identify what really suits you. Bet on the spring (April?) To discover your real needs and maybe the way to answer them. Jupiter promotes your self-fulfillment and will allow you to begin to set up a new life that should actually see the light of day ... in 2019!

Single, no (more) question of sacrificing who and what you are to attract the person you like! In 2017 you understood that your emotional pleasure comes from respecting yourself and taking into account your progress and understandings over time. Jupiter will invite you (perhaps in the background of 2018) to decipher your desires and to think about good methods to put in place in order to flourish at your leisure. Count on the spring to enlighten your way (and especially in April) and offer you the opportunity to make new experiences and to affirm your desires even if their actual realization should really only happen from February 2019!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
You will have to rely primarily on yourself to blossom this year in love and family. No more fantasizing about the ideal love but instead of gathering your strengths and assets until November, if you aspire to chart your course and to flourish to your idea and impose your own, new codes and desires from November.

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