Tiger: your 2023 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year the Rabbit encourages rest and the art of living. As the good Tiger that you are, you may find it challenging to adapt. Your vital need to be in action will feel restricted. On the worst days, you will try to do everything to put some movement in your life. Tiger, you have accomplished a lot in the past year! You can pat yourself on the back and have a good time. Tame the benefits of your success. Don't be on the lookout for exciting new adventures. Why not? Because they won't bring you the success you're hoping for and, in the worst case, spoil your achievements.

Tiger : your Romantic life

This sector can be disconcerting this year. Why is that? Because people are looking for romance, and the less reckless are suspicious. Your legendary passion will encounter some disappointments in this state of mind unless you go about it differently. Tiger! If you want to avoid setbacks, show your credentials! Take your time to seduce instead of jumping in as you are used to. If you are resisted, don't capitulate. Remember, no fortress is impregnable, you can only fail as an attacker!

Tips from Free-Horoscope.com: This year, reason trumps passion. While this omen may seem like a bad omen to you, it's a good omen if you want to have a peaceful relationship with the stability you've been looking for.

Group of friends for the Tiger

Although you have a hectic life, you are sincere in your friendships. You never deviate from the rules you set for yourself. Therefore, when your friends are in trouble, you go to great lengths to motivate them. This year, shaking people up to get them moving is not going to have the desired effect. Instead, putting your hand on their shoulder and comforting them will be more productive.

To know: Put aside your impatience and listen to the torments of others. Reassure them and tell them that everything is going to work out, even if you think it won't.

Tiger: your Spiritual life

By nature, you like to devote yourself to noble causes, and that works out pretty well for you. This year, it would be good to calm the impatience that sometimes plays tricks on you. Devoting yourself to the art of meditation would do you the greatest good. Spending time alone with yourself regularly will show you the way, especially when you are tempted to take action when it is not advisable.

Our advice: Channelling your energy would be a good thing this year as it will help you get through the empty periods that will animate the longer periods.

Well-being for the Tiger

By nature, you have the energy to spare that you use by having several projects on the fire. This year, you're idling because the year of the Rabbit encourages you to take your foot off the accelerator. Alas, going in circles doesn't suit you, and on the worst days, it annoys you prodigiously. This year, taking up a gentler activity, such as golf, will help you discover unexplored facets of yourself.

Tip-Off: Take advantage of this year's calm to recharge your batteries. It won't change your life or tarnish your image, quite the contrary.

Tiger: your Family life

Your family can count on you in times of trouble and when they need to be motivated. This year, your method may frighten sensitive souls. Tiger, if you want to avoid being seen as a ruthless person, be conciliatory! Accept that not everyone is like you. Comfort disappointed hearts. Give encouragement. Don't put pressure on people. Say you understand and say no more.

To meditate : Accept that some people prefer monotony, safety, and comfort. This will prevent you from unnecessary conflicts with minds that do not understand you.

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