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Chinese fortune cookie draw

Written by Evie

The Chinese cookie was invented in 1915 by Makoto Hagiwara. This small biscuit contains a message originating in Chinese philosophy, often from the sayings of Confucius. Come and break open your Chinese fortune cookie each day to discover its secret message and see what the stars have forecast for you.

In English-speaking countries, one receives a fortune cookie at the end of one's meal in Chinese restaurants. But where does this tradition come from?

The origin of these cookies is controversial, to the point of having induced a legal dispute between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1983.

The most common explanation is that Makoto Hagiwara, a Japanese landscape architect who also owns a tea garden in San Francisco, invented them during an exhibition. Other sources mention David Wung, a Cantonese pastry chef from Los Angeles who invented these cookies in 1920, either to comfort the homeless or to promote his noodle business. Some believe that these cookies were inspired by tsujuira senbei, Japanese shortbread with small bills folded into them for lovers.

Finally, the story goes that during an insurrection against the Mongols in the 13th century, Chinese soldiers communicated through messages hidden in yuèbĭng, lotus seed cakes, Whatever the origin of this friendly tradition, enjoy the ancient Asian wisdom quickly by breaking your cookie to read the message.

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