The Moon

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All you need to know about the Moon :

The Moon, mirror of the emotions... The moon is all about the night, the past, birth ... and death! Its orbit round the zodiac takes 28 days and therefore in just under one month, it will influence each of the twelve houses which make up our chart. It will transit the 9 planets one by one and the great axes that cross and intertwine to outline the destiny that each soul has chosen to incarnate in order to learn and ... grow! This is the fastest planet in the zodiac and it will shape our everyday lives and our moods in particular. The star that dictates the rhythms of high and low tide and has always regulated nature's great cycles, reflects the emotional fluctuations of our psyche and even seems to convey (though not explain) our inner turbulence, illustrated in popular language by well-worn terms such as moonstruck, moonlike and lunatic...

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There are as many expressions describing the changeable, inconsistent and generally fanciful nature of the moon! Whether quarter moon, full moon, waxing or waning, the moon constantly changes its face and appearance, disappears and reappears, and casts both light and shadow! It therefore tends to evolve according to the moment and circumstances and can, depending on the nature of the elements it meets during its mad trajectory, upset, disturb or irritate us, thus perfectly illustrating the abiding characteristic ... quite a volatile one ... of human nature, where we are greatly influenced by our emotions.

Whereas the Sun lights our way and shows us the place we would like to have in both the terrestrial and spiritual world, the moon takes us along the more complex roads of intuition, impulse and our compulsions, which are often dictated or at least conditioned by maternal (sometimes from before birth) or even ancestral legacy! The moon is therefore all about the past, the home, our feminine side (men as well as women),our relationship with motherhood and fundamental connection with our mother!

The Moon in our charts :

The moon in the first instance represents our origins, where we come from. Through the place it occupies in our birth chart and the links it forges with other planets, we can analyse the quality of our relationship with our mother, as well as what she has passed on to us from herself and her line. We can also evaluate how we in turn will experience and interpret our own role as a mother (obviously in the light or shadow of this initial baggage). Where males are concerned, it will partly define what kind of woman (wife rather than mistress) they will seek for better or worse, before having eventually discovered the reasons for an often compulsive attraction through self-analysis, and making relationship choices with greater awareness, dictated by love rather than the need to find their roots!

The moon symbolises femininity, fertility and our emotional world. It also indicates our aptitude (or lack of it) to move, change and travel (symbolically as well as in reality). Depending on the tendencies of the chart, it tends to develop our imagination to a greater or lesser extent and feed our fantasies! It is at night that we are most inclined to gaze at the moon and in our sleep that, with a temporary release from the filters of reason and the mind, we abandon ourselves unreservedly to our dreams and exploring our mysteries to the utmost... The moon is therefore about us, but also about what connects us to the rest, the collective subconscious that dictates our behaviour patterns, from the most sensible to the most reckless!

The moon in its umbilical and maternal role does not separate or dissociate us from the placenta, but instead invites us to blend in with it and with the crowd! The public and the people (and by extension, democracy),the sea (the mother ...),the family in general, popularity and public life are, like many sectors, governed by the changing, versatile, fluctuating, encompassing and sometimes extraordinary nature of our lunar component... While the Sun emphasises the individual, separates and tries to understand us, the moon aims to absorb, submerge, inspire and make us blend in, sometimes to the point of confusion.

Malleable and therefore easily influenced at heart, this star will feed upon each of the waters it navigates and would continually leave us to our moods, if it fortunately (and sometimes painfully) did not have to suffer the contrasting and often contradictory influence of our own astral networks, which basically more often invite us keep our feet firmly on the ground than ask for... the moon!

Irresistibly attracted to the earth's magnetic field, the moon represents everything that more or less binds a person to human life rather than the spiritual. This may be through the very often untimely manifestation of his or her emotions; the sometimes blind loyalty (mostly fuelled by underlying feelings of guilt) to family ties; and ultimately, an almost irresistible addiction to money, that moon-coloured commodity, bearer of dreams, but more often of nightmares!

The Moon in your horoscope emphasises your need for security, especially on the emotional front, and the kind of atmosphere where you will best flourish. It gives value to the sector of the zodiac in which you can develop your creativity.

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