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Astro Profile of baby Pisces

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Pisces Baby:

Pisces babies are born under the auspices of the planet Jupiter at the height of the transition from winter to spring. Sensitive, modest and dreamy, Pisces babies particularly appreciate tranquillity and the company of their mother.

You will therefore need to treat them gentlyand not raise your voice too much, because they are very timid. They are curious about everything and will quickly grow into children who are concerned for the well-being of those around them and others. They will ask you heaps of questions about the world, life and how things work.

Buy yourself a large encyclopaedia to be able to cope with the flow of questions, or enrol your child at the nearest library to your home! Pisces children will even become defenders of the oppressed and show great tact and listening skills to solve a good number of conflicts.

They are also difficult to gauge, being sometimes cheerful and sometimes less happy. Their mood varies from one day or one minute to the next, depending on the environment they are in. They go from calm to a storm in a few seconds! With their overflowing imagination, they are children who often live in a dream world! Learn more about the Pisces rising sign.

They are easily influenced and happily listen to others, as they constantly want to change the world in which they are growing up. They will feel emotions very intensely (they make great lovers),but, they can also stand back, if need be.

They are children who can excel in all kinds of areas, as they readily adapt to warm or cold waters and calm or turbulent ones (Water sign). They are fish after all!

Living with the Pisces Baby!

Pisces children need to be directed and pushed into making decisions. They often go round and round in circles (as in a bowl) without daring to strike out too far in life. In order to help them, enrol them in a sports club to take up a team sport for preference; or in drama lessons or any activity where they have to get out of their comfort zone and themselves. This will be the best way to help them to face life head-on! Quite simply, they need to learn to develop self-confidence! Help them, too, to be better organised, as they like a mess - not necessarily to everyone's taste!

- Planet: Jupiter
- Element: Water
- Motto: I believe
- Colour: Blue-Green
- Strength: Sensitive
- Weakness: Unstable
- Sense: Taste
- Comforter: Thumb-sucking!
- Favourite pastime: Television
- Favourite animal: Sperm whale
- Social life: Listening to others

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