Venus in Gemini: Legerity

Written by Mary

Venus entering Gemini will bring instant relief from all that feelings and affections could have of heavy, jealous or static. Love relations will get lighter, sometimes a bit shallow but lively and sparkling. For a number of people this is the occasion to meet a soulmate in a youthful and not quite rational context. You will be talking of ideas rather than sensuality, of consent rather than sexuality, even though all this is inevitably connected, it's the mind that prevails over the heart and body, to the great joy of some, to the great discontent of others.We will provide you a personalised maxim to think over and put into practice and further we will analyse what this transit induces in the love-life of the twelve signs for these coming weeks.


Charity begins at home.
That is what you will instinctively think when you face conflicts of interests! And in the end this attitude should turn out to be a beneficial one, as you will put an end to it...
This transit of Venus in the friendly and mobile sign of Gemini will bring many of you a real jolt of fresh air in your relations. You will feel more freedom, on the one hand, and on the other a better comprehension from those who you value. Sharing ideas, joint projects and prompt agreements are on your agenda! You have all the chances that the love bonds tied during this period will have a stable and long-lasting nature. This is the moment to accept invitations, take part in celebrations and socialize in the ambience suitable for you and even emphasizing you.


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Your realism and common sense will protect you from any evil influence, except if your greed interferes... Your temper also protects you from useless polemics.
Venus is leaving you to go squat for several weeks at your excited and talkative neighbour's. Nothing negative in itself, unless if you have to drop the ballast and demonstrate minimum flexibility in order to support this somewhat impetuous atmosphere in your love relations. You really should use the surrounding mobility rather than endure it with reluctance often typical for you. At the financial level, this aspect may also suggest you'll need to adapt to new people, to other kinds of investment if you wish your affairs to bring profit. This is quite a powerful motivation for you to evolve, so don't hesitate to keep your eyes open!


Don't bite off more than you can chew.
This aspect concerns you more than others, you are at risk of being quickly thrown off the rails by your emotions, feelings, thoughts but also by your bookkeeping...
Venus is entering your territory; to make profit from what is really a godsend for your sign, you have to stay available and attentive to all the opportunities related to your feelings, love and money. A lot of movement, discussions and exchanges are heading this transit, and you will be like a duck in water in the middle of all this agitation, of a new occasion for a love date. You will have plenty of time to turn an accidental acquaintance into a solid relation blossoming out over the long term... as long as you show some accuracy in your aspirations, some consistency in your choices, sometimes frivolous or changeable.


Slow and steady wins the race.
Your slightly apathetic temper will adapt rather well to the rhythm imposed by this aspect, and you will make profit of this rhythm by plunging into your past to sum everything up.
In love and affection matters, the atmosphere will evolve from a pleasing agreement, a conspiratorial sensuality to more electric, more rational and, in particular, more exciting relations. This is not really a bad thing, as long as you adapt, unlock your heart and mind to new notions, different ideas, sometimes coming with unexpected prospects. In your most intimate sentiments you will experience these new ways of loving, more independent and free, holding less fantastic dreams than specific realities which will expand your expertise in this question, bringing to your relations some eroticism renewed by communication with a more mobile mentality.


Where there's a will, there's a way.
You've got the occasion to put some order into your experience, take your time and gain benefit from it; beware not to fall under influence.
Wars for power, exhausting "tests", your or your partner's jealousy, in short and in global various problems in relationships touching upon your attachments will evolve during these coming weeks in a more enjoyable climate made up of enriching intellectual exchanges, dynamic confrontations of ideas and mutual respect. A great occasion for you to open up your heart and mind to the chance of acquaintances, sometimes short-lived but always flourishing. If you are single, you've got all the chances to do away with it, in case you go out, socialize, in short, demonstrate your availability and adaptability. Things will stir best in your sphere of friendship.


The best is the enemy of the good.
At moments there will be inevitable tensions between your critical mind and certain forwardness in the atmosphere. The best will be to avoid any useless polemics. Depressurize!
Your love life, calm and stable till the moment, is under the risk of some abrupt leaps during the coming weeks. You will have to live with some uncertainties or contradictions that shouldn‘t bring you down. Being in doubt about your experience and your views could only do you good by broadening your point of view, trying to walk in the other person's shoes, committing to actively thinking of what you expect from your partner. Judgements and lively discussions for the couples, new acquaintances for the singles, in particular at work or in social life. In order to take advantage of this transit, the best is to trust your intuition, for this once!


Better a bad settlement than a good court-case.
Don't let yourself be submerged by grief, by vain old rancours. Work your way forward, passing the sponge over former wounds, you will do a favour to yourself by this...
Your relations, love, friendships and finance will be awakened and in the coming weeks you will have numerous occasions to replenish your stock of new acquaintances on the intellectual or at least rational basis which you will surely appreciate. Lots of animation, even excitement, trips or relocations will tint this period rich in different versatile communications, sometimes short-lived but always favourable to your ideals. With all the multiplying opportunities you will probably have the problem of choice, which is an excellent training for daring to sort out your relationships and only maintain the ones that help you develop. This is a great occasion for sharpening your critical sense.


He who wills the end, wills the means.
For you this aspect will be an occasion to scrutinize your love relations and your money, even though at risk of some collateral damage, since you have a tendency to prove yourself a radical person.
You have just gone through a period rich in unrest, declarations and torrid sensuality. Now let's turn to several weeks of love, more intellectual and reasonable affections. A good chance to sort out your passions, calm down your obsessions and make some concessions to those who you love, before choking them completely with your jealousy, authoritarian character or your groundless suspicions. So, for you it is an excellent way to release pressure, learn to build healthy dialogues, to make decisions in accord with your partner's opinions and to experience a more ingenious and free sensuality, less out of the head...


No pain, no gain.
This aspect in the sign opposite to yours pushes you to all kinds of excess, sometimes improper for your love relations or your money if you don't respect the dosage of your interventions.
Surprises in love or money spheres are probable these coming weeks, with the transit of Venus to the sign opposite to yours but friendly as a complementary. All that you could have thought of as fixed, immobile will be changing day after day. For the good or for the bad, according to the situation you are in, but the things that should change will develop and this will bring you much relief, even if some experiences might be deformed. So, for some, a kind of rupture, while for others, decisive acquaintances, but on all occasions, life-giving intellectual conversations, trips or relocations bringing good luck and opportunities. Take your advantage!


Everything comes to him who waits.
You will benefit from this long delay offered by Venus to structure all your knowledge in reason, with the help of your critical mind and intuition, while staying moderate in your communication.
Your affection and love life ever so stable for some weeks already will brighten up, opening new horizons and unexplored possibilities. You will not appreciate this every day, as you prefer consistency to surprises, but if you look on the bright side, wonderful moments are to be expected. Animated conversations and frequent trips will set the pace to this transit and push you to communicate with more freedom, to confront your vision of the feelings with your partner's vision for drawing positive and constructive conclusions. All this excitement should pull you out of a too predictable routine and unlock your heart to new opportunities.


If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.
This aspect of Venus in the friendly sign is pushing you to innovate, to invent in love and finance spheres. Great ideas, unconventional at times, could be the outcome.
Many of you have just survived a stressing period in love, affections and perhaps in finance. The entrance of Venus in Gemini will bring a large gust of fresh air to your affective relations. Multiple opportunities will be born from acquaintances, communications, from trips, relocations and animated discussions where you will find accomplices for sharing your views and your vision of love. Great progress is probable, both for the couples who will succeed in discussing everything and for the singles who have all the chances to make an acquaintance which will determine their future.


Sleep on it.
You will be among those for who this transit will be especially difficult, there's a high risk of escaping the harsh reality by isolating yourself in your private shelter...
The cosy cocoon of your love is at risk of some disturbance these coming weeks if you continue relying on your experience without aspiring to develop. The climate is getting more rational and your intuition will not be always sufficient for leading discussions where you want them to go. You will have to adapt to more critical and intellectual conversations and come down to earth in order to best manage your sentimental relations without sinking into incomprehension and dramatization. You will sure have to be in motion, both in literal and figural sense, for maintaining the base of communications in progress for yourself and for your partner. Self-reflection and action must replace instincts and dreams...

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