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Leo are loyal, organized, proud and overflowing with energy. They know what they want and willingly express it plat and plain, hardly imagining that anyone could resist them. Their iron intellect and generous nature attract everyone's likes. They don't rest satisfied with half-measures. Passionate and weird, they possess an intense lust for life. Their enthusiasm is manifested in all domains, they adore acting as organizers of Ťgreat eventsť off-hand as they can't live without celebrating, at the risk of dying of boredom. They are brilliant, passionate, artists to their fingertips and very idealistic.

What are their best qualities? Leo are loved for their creativity, nobility, generosity and ardor.

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Love Qualities of Leo

Leo are loving, loyal, faithful, seducing and expansive
This is a sign that strives to have their daily life out of ordinary. Their pride and audacity make them put on the leader tenue. Being honest, they ensure happiness and security of the ones around them in order to evolve in a worthy climate.

Single: This is a lover who needs to be noticed and seeks for someone to admire. In fact, they can't stand any mediocrity, express their feelings brilliantly and take up initiatives courageously.

In couple: This is a fervent partner who places the couple in the spotlight. They are exigent in their expectations but sumptuous in expression of their satisfaction. With them, the relationship goes by in a passionate and chivalrous mode.

Friendship Qualities of Leo

Leo are organized, honest, broad-minded and benevolent
A Leo is a brilliant and stimulating friend, always ready to organize grandiose experiments or to nourish audacious projects. This dynamic and enterprising spirit often leads them to team up with their friends.

Long-standing friendship: They are friends you'll have to reconquer every time you meet them, they are always in need of that same admiring or marveling look in order to feel that they exist. At this price, they are the most faithful and loyal of friends.

Party: When they go out, Leo dress up and primp. You can find them about everywhere, discussing with a friend or listening to music right up the guardrail. They encourage to relax without insisting. For them everyone is free to take part as they wish.

Family Qualities of Leo

Leo are generous, responsible, enthusiastic and benevolent
They consider their family to be their clan and take care to assign a role to everyone. They take up their responsibilities, these are trustworthy partners who fund great loyalty into their exchanges and great kindness in their reactions.

As parents, Leo adore their children and are warm with their second half. They are proud of their children and willingly imagine them at the top of human hierarchy. They give without counting but expect a minimum gratitude.

Children Leo are enthusiastic and generous by nature and possess in an inborn way a sense of organization and qualities of a leader, a chieftain. Their exacerbated tendency of self-affirmation has to be channeled.

Financial Qualities of Leo

Leo are realistic, astucious and enterprising
Leo love money for the ease it provides in society. They are sensible to luxury and to artistic exquisiteness, never satisfied with mediocrity; they need esteem and recognition, this is the driving force of their financial life.

How they manage money: Leo is a passionate sign who can waste foolish sums of money for a fleeting fancy. But this also is a strategic mind who always ends up reimbursing all expenses by virtue of his dynamism and willpower.

How they spend money: Leo spend their money for representation: clothes, decor, car - anything can serve as support to the esteem paid to them. They can reveal to be very generous when convinced in the quality of a product or a service.

Vacation Qualities of Leo

Leo are spontaneous, concessive, dexterous and easy-going
When on holiday, Leo decide about everything. This pleases them and motivates them to stand out by having a thousand ideas one more magnificent than another. This sign is never as content as when they've got a feeling of having pleased; they are delightful companions.

In summer: Leo need going out, meeting people, testing new friendships or social relations. They also are very interested in any artistic manifestation that they will treat themselves by visiting in lovely company.

In winter: Either they are ski-run stars, winning medals or at least their public's consideration, or they deploy more subtle talents in the hotel bar or in a mountain chalet with their best friends.
Come with them, you've never had such a radiant vacation before!

Memo of the Leo's qualities: loyal, bold, loving, honorable
Leo tend to oppose to any changes that don't originate from themselves, especially in their private life. But they can, in the public context, be leaders of changes. In fact, they possess a gift for organizing and convincing
A little + : Leo have high aspirations, their mentality is open to the world, to others and to humane rather than profitable objectives.

Home Qualities of Leo

Leo are hospitable, creative, enterprising, cordial and structured
Leo keep possession of their home with benevolence, generosity and authority. They are proud of their family and hold royal receptions, avoiding all kinds of mediocrity. They are perfect at housekeeping.

In duet: They love making decisions in general interests, they are protective and provident. Their passionate warmth and renewable energy are their greatest advantages.

In family: They are incontestable tribe chieftains. They efficiently manage their daily life and encourage initiatives of their close ones or help them concretize their objectives.

When they get up: Leo is a solar sign who wakes up earlier in summer. Their morning moods depend a lot on the sky color, they need to get their thoughts together before facing the world's complexity

In the evening: Leo attach high importance to the quality of their sleeping place and wish for brilliant company, no matter if it is about having a chat or something else.

Work Qualities of Leo

Leo are courageous, self-sufficient, charismatic, ambitious and honest
With their dynamic and strong-willed temper they find it hard to accommodate to half-measures. They need to take part in some "great masterpiece" in order to feel motivated. They can't stand mediocrity and expect as much flair from their partners as from themselves. Prestige counts as much as money to their eyes and recognition, whether of a boss or of customers, is their best reward.

As colleagues they are warm and benevolent. Consciously or not, they seek to be noticed by their seniors and take exclusion, isolation or indifference very hard.

As bosses they are fair and cordial provided that their methods are followed or that people take time to explain them eventual modifications. They are generous but without excess as they remain lucid as to their financial resources.

If independent, they often succeed to get installed in a refined framework, their creativity yields them ingenious solutions. They reign their little nation with vigilance, exigent but fair with their employees.

Fitness Qualities of Leo

Leo are positive, confident, amiable and entire
Leo are full of vitality and their optimism makes them forget small daily troubles. However sometimes they abuse and have to take care as their temper predisposes them to hypertension. Their taste for physical activity allows them to keep fit.

In sport: Leo are competitors by spirit and love disciplines where they can get noticed. Team sports, running, endurance, wrestling can suit them perfectly. Yoga, tai chi are equally beneficial and stimulating for them.

Nutrition: Although concerned with their looks, at the table Leo don't forgo nevertheless. Gastronomers endowed with a rather extravert spirit, they have a solid appetite principle. They appreciate delicious meals and their excess sometimes results in alimentation being too rich.

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