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The astro portrait of Daniel Radcliffe

Written by Absent

Born on 23 July 1989 in London. Here we have a person with the Sun in Leo, in all his leonine splendour!

Daniel's personality is above all dominated by being at ease in public, an ability that grows with the passing years, as highlighted by the sextile between his Sun and his natal Jupiter, which are in Fire and Air signs respectively. Belying his calm exterior, Daniel has an eminently passionate nature in the broader sense of the word, and this will not fail to become evident in his career.

The constellation of Leo is home to a planetary cluster in his chart, which, with a trine aspect to his Moon in Aries, gives him a certain dignity that follows him wherever he goes. His idealism will lead him to think big and his chivalrous outlook will enable him to form stable relationships. He will be able to win women over with his great powers of persuasion.

He hates vulgarity and whilst he does not show his feelings easily, he will only truly love the woman who will be able to live up to his dreams. It should be pointed out immediately that she will not have to show any weakness in public. Nothing would annoy him so much, as his pride would always be at stake. He will feel immense pride at being with a woman who depends on him and particularly makes him feel totally confident! He is the one, then, who will not be able to do without the pleasures of loving with all his heart.

His personality is not lacking in resolve, despite his easy ability to adapt to all kinds of differing milieus and realms of ideas. His Jupiter in Gemini with a sextile aspect to the Sun makes him very adaptable, and this is reinforced by the trine aspect between the Moon in Aries and his Ascendant. Daniel excels in the ability to establish links quickly, which will open up very different film projects from those he has done previously.
Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn gives him a serious and sober side, making him prudent and somewhat strict, providing a positive counterbalance to his brilliant outward success. He has definite business acumen and is not afraid to make efforts to make sure he has material stability in the long term.

His ability to fit in with society is enhanced by Jupiter and Saturn, which complement each other in his birth chart with a quincunx aspect, indicating that he is quite capable of respecting society's norms without losing his depth of character or his serious side.

Pluto, as the ruling planet of his birth chart and forming a sextile aspect to his natal Saturn, highlights the fact that Daniel has all the necessary assets to make his celebrity status long-lasting, by asserting his presence over time through roles and film productions, which will evolve more and more in terms of depth and mystery, as linked to the collective subconscious. This will be the springboard for his success, especially between the ages of 42 and 50, a period in which he will visibly invest in the production of works with thematic links to the paranormal and certain other as yet unexplained phenomena.

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