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Introduction: Curious about everything!

Aries ascendant Aquarius: Very independent, you jealously cultivate your freedom. You live intensely and you can't stand authority, constraints and routine. Anticonformist, rebel, you are impervious to received ideas and you do not admit injustice. You are always looking to broaden your horizons, you are interested in many subjects and you sometimes tend to spread yourself too thin.

Strengths of the for Aries ascendant Aquarius: Inventive and humanistic
Weaknesses of the for Aries ascendant Aquarius: Distant and demanding

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Personality: Ingenious and creative!

You jealously maintain your independence and autonomy, which does not prevent you from being very attractive. You are attracted to innovative concepts and unusual relationships, while always maintaining a certain distance from others. You often live at 100 km/hour and in order to distinguish yourself, to express your individuality and to develop your very particular talents...

Vitality / Temperament: Everything for the collective!

It is by putting yourself at the service of the common interest, by fighting for a cause, by defending the oppressed that you give the best of yourself. Avant-garde, visionary, innovative, you are resolutely turned towards the future, towards the evolution of humanity and you defend your ideas with passion.

Love and emotional relationships: Freedom at all costs!

In love, you are prone to crushes, but you get bored very quickly. You are idealistic, you set the bar too high. You have difficulty in seeing the people you love as they are. You need to flit around out of curiosity, to better define your desires and you prefer to stay alone rather than to commit yourself to a few things. The relational aspect of your life plays a major role in the realization of your projects. Optimism is your best asset to move forward positively in your emotional life.

In the family: Original and cool!

Your children will be independent, you will establish a friendly relationship with them. However, you tend to believe that your wackiest methods are the best, which can destabilize more conventional children who are more attached to routine and a sense of security.

Relationship with money / material goods: A sense of resourcefulness!

Money is not an end in itself, you aspire to the accumulation of personal qualities which, once integrated, allow you to earn a living. The acquisition of techniques, know-how, ideas is for you a basic capital that you make fructify later. You need to acquire knowledge.

Socio-professional life: Autonomous and inventive!

You need to organize your work freely. Your life path pushes you to develop your humanism and your intelligence. It is a good mix to constantly discover new material. You are fast, efficient and original, but you often lack consistency. You advocate individual freedom and cannot stand to depend on anyone. You always have many ideas to accomplish extraordinary things.

Sphere of friendship: Friends first!

You often succeed better in your friendships than in your love affairs... You place friendship above love and it is in this domain that you find stable, solid unions. You have easy contact, you love to meet people. Your good heart, your generosity, your availability make you magnetic, attractive and attract a lot of sympathy.

You have a Fire sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

Air combined with Fire gives a fire! You have a certain charisma and you are often surrounded by a crowd of friends, sympathizers, sometimes admirers. In the intimacy of your daily routine, problems may arise if you do not moderate your impulses, your desires, your whims.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You express yourself with ease and naturalness, you know how to communicate your needs effectively and often get what you want from others. You are conversational and witty, and you have a talent for brightening up your encounters.

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