Gemini, your love horoscope for Fall 2023

Written by Daisy

Possible delays in business, an ideal that's struggling to see the light of day and, for some, a preparatory phase that shouldn't be neglected if you hope to bring to fruition a project that won't be realized until next year. Autumn will bring you both the best and the occasional worst, which you should try to manage as conscientiously as possible to avoid misunderstandings that could otherwise drain your energy. However, you can count on your reserves of optimism and fuel to make up for certain shortcomings and never give up.

Gemini First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(21st May to 31st May)

Love: Other priorities?

Too many responsibilities to take on in the professional sphere and difficulty meeting the expectations of your loved ones? You\'ll do your best to remedy the situation by spending a little time with your loved ones (between October 9 and 20) and trying to improve day-to-day life (on the 13th, 22nd, 24th),but communication problems with authorities in November (on the 10th, 23rd, 25th) will tend to undermine your self-confidence. Rely on your charm to warm up the atmosphere at home (15th). In December, you\'ll have the opportunity to smooth things over (2nd, 5th),and find support behind the scenes to help you move things in the right direction (8th, 11th, 18th).

In Relationship

You\'ll often find it difficult to reconcile family life, attention to your partner and professional activity. If in October you do your utmost to be present at home, tensions at the office (November 10, 23, 25) will somewhat undermine your efforts. However, your power of seduction should continue to work (on the 15th). In December, rely on your sense of strategy and your desire to reenchant everyday life (8th, 11th, 18th) to prepare for what\'s to come, which promises to be more exciting.


Not the best season for finding your soul mate? Overly stressed by your all-consuming professional life, you\'ll spend your time in a hurry in October, struggling to find time to devote to the ones you love. Despite your obvious radiance in November (15th),you\'re constantly caught up in work and status-related problems (10th, 23rd, 25th). In December, you regain some control of operations (2nd, 5th) and are finally able to enjoy yourself (8th, 11th, 18th).

Social Life: Tensions to be feared!

Saturn tends to amplify certain recurring problems, and this autumn you\'ll have the feeling of having to make do with what\'s most urgent, and often...without. If in October you work with determination and celerity to meet demand (on the 13th, 22nd, 24th),expect to have to fight in November against a hierarchy and blockages that will tend to exasperate you and, above all, put the brakes on exchanges that are more or less at a standstill (on the 10th, 23rd, 25th). Rely on your creativity and power of seduction to renew dialogue (15th). In December, your flair and negotiating skills should finally enable you to regain the upper hand, or at least get the ball rolling again.

Well-being: Down a bit!

A demanding, energy-hungry autumn. If in October you manage to distribute your energy fairly (on the 13th, 22nd, 24th),watch out for fatigue in November, which could cause you to lose steam or even your morale (on the 10th, 23rd, 25th). Try to put the pressures around you into perspective, and wait until December to tap into some secret resources and support that will help you get back on track (8th, 11th, 18th).

Gemini First decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

This autumn, take care to balance your private and professional lives, so that you can recharge your batteries with your loved ones as soon as the need arises. This should enable you to get through the season without a hitch.

Gemini Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(1st June to 10th June)

Love: Take it easy on those around you!

If at the end of September (on the 25th) and in October (between the 20th and 29th) you have the art and manner of communicating privately about a life project that is beginning to take shape (on the 22nd),make sure you remain open to the appreciations and remarks of those around you without becoming rigid (on October 28th, 29th) and, if necessary, reduce the sails a little if someone thinks your forecasts are a little too optimistic (on November 3rd). In December, despite your unquestionable desire to do the right thing, beware of certain impulses interfering negatively with your clan\'s interests and altering domestic harmony (21st).

In Relationship

Certain plans are being made in the shadows and will certainly only come to fruition in 2024. If your proposals seem to win the support of those close to you in September (on the 25th) and October (on the 22nd),don\'t take advantage of the situation to give orders to everyone else (who would hardly appreciate the method) around October 28 and November 3. Instead, compose and consult those around you, who will appreciate it if you take their wishes into account. In December, be careful not to give in to certain (unconscious) behaviours likely to stir up trouble (on the 21st). Keep your impulses under control if you want people to continue to follow you.


Inclined this autumn to prepare for what\'s to come and guide your most secret initiatives, you will work enthusiastically to try to improve your living conditions, and possibly those of others, at the end of September (on the 25th) and in October (on the 22nd). However, this is no reason to force others to follow your lead (October 28, 29, November 3). Ask those close to you for their opinion, as they may take offence if you fail to heed their invitation to exercise moderation. In December, beware of possible excesses (on the 21st) if you allow yourself to be ruled by your impulses (on the 21st).

Social Life: Avoid overzealousness!

A project (of a lifetime?) is brewing in the shadows, a new cycle is on the horizon for 2024, and you\'re carefully digging its foundations. If you start autumn still supported (until November 6) by the positive, energizing energy of Jupiter, who is working behind the scenes for the time being (but still),beware of too much enthusiasm and breadth of vision, which could worry those who accompany you along the way, or even participate in the elaboration of your plans. Above all, don\'t force anyone\'s hand at the end of October (28th, 29th),and give the best of yourself without counting the cost. So that you don\'t have to be reproached immediately or later for having only served your own interests. Let\'s hear it...

Well-being: Stay in control!

Jupiter protects you and has your back until November 6. This is your chance to refuel, so that you don\'t run out of breath or energy when it comes to investing your body and soul in the prospects that inspire you. Just be careful this autumn not to confuse speed with excess speed, enthusiasm with delirious fantasy, and above all to control certain impulsive outbursts which could backfire on you and your interests. Particularly around October 28, November 3 and December 21.

Gemini Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

Autumn is good for you, but it doesn\'t give you permission to go off the rails. If you want to make the most of a season that\'s supportive of your projects, start by channeling your tendency to say and do whatever comes into your head.

Gemini Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(11th June to 20th June)

Love: Not easy.

Beware of interference that could pollute your exchanges at the end of September (29th). Your demands could seriously worry a partner, who could be on the defensive in October (the 9th, the 21st). On the other hand, you\'ll know how to make those close to you aware of your aspirations and your world (31st). In November, you\'ll have no equal when it comes to helping your family situation evolve towards greater harmony (on the 6th). Efficient management of day-to-day affairs and housekeeping (on the 9th, 20th, 22nd) should not be wasted by giving free rein to somewhat irrational impulses (on the 11th, 13th). In December, latent tensions could flare up (3rd). To avoid confusion, communicate your intentions as clearly as possible.

In Relationship

A real willingness to look after your loved ones could be spoiled at the end of September by a current tendency to obey impulses that are not necessarily good advice (29th),but also in October (9th, 21st) when you may take your desires a little too much for granted. If you manage to curb your excesses, you could experience some powerful moments with the one you love (November 6). Don\'t undermine this cordial understanding by playing the agent provocateur (11th, 13th). In December, if you don\'t want things to get out of hand, play fair with everyone.


Exchanges may be under high tension at the end of September (29th) when a probable desire to break with a past of dependence pushes you (unconsciously) to provoke everyone. The same applies in October (9th, 21st),when tensions could flare. Rely on a more strategic approach to ease family tensions (November 6). If possible, you\'ll want to keep the peace of mind by avoiding sensitive subjects and, above all, by not constantly titillating those around you, who won\'t appreciate your perfidious allusions or your tendency to confuse everyone.

Social Life: Channeling the excesses!

If possible, avoid upsetting established mentalities and codes too much at the end of September (29th) and in October (9th, 21st),when certain excesses on your part could be badly perceived by those with power (and money). In November, be careful not to alter your obvious willingness to participate and collaborate by sending others incomprehensible messages that contradict your initiatives in the field (4th, 11th, 13th). Rely on your intuition and your sense of negotiation and strategy (on the 9th, 17th, 20th, 22nd) to get things moving. In December, if you want to keep your dealings with management running smoothly, start by communicating unambiguously yourself.

Well-being: Preserve your resources!

Uranus tends to play on your nerves, inciting you to provoke and intervene, not always wisely. This is a tendency you must try to curb if you don\'t want it to interfere too much (and damagingly) with more positive and constructive conscious intentions. So, to avoid wasting your energies and stirring up trouble (in the family, at work),think carefully this autumn before you speak and act.

Gemini Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

This autumn could prove a little electric if you allow yourself to be controlled by unconscious impulses, which could very well blur the frequency between you and others. To avoid this kind of nuisance, you may prefer to keep quiet rather than intervene indiscriminately.


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