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Tuesday, May the 21st
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The Sign of Gemini
The Sign of Gemini
A gentle spring
A gentle spring
Money and relationships
Money and relationships
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Gemini, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: A Conquering Spirit!
No doubt you will use your magnetic aura early on in the season to influence and charm your professional and/or social circle! You will not hesitate to use your assets to mark minds and score points and, why not, some heart in passing. One does not prevent the other. Then make room for tender projects between April 20th and mid-May where you will aspire to open the future at your leisure so that it meets your expectations, or your partner;s, or whatever you have in mind! Then don't forget (between May 15th and June 9th) to take the time to think about the relevance of your plans and meditate on your past experiences to determine if what you want to put in place holds the road and can really contribute to your emotional fulfillment. After these inevitable and necessary adjustments, Venus will give you the reins. Between the 9th of June and the beginning of summer, this delicious planet settles in your sign boosting your radiance and invites you to radiate (and seduce?) in all directions!

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Shed Light on the Past!
You will know, a priori, what to do and what to say between March 26th and April 4th to put on the show. If your initiatives are not aimed exclusively at your partner but more widely your social circle, it is probably because you want something like combining business with pleasure. Especially around March 27th, your obvious radiance may well be worth some success! Your projects should take a softer and more personal turn between the 20th and 28th of April where you will probably want to show the other, and your loved ones, that they count and that you deploy great means to make them happy! Between May 15th and May 23rd, temporarily pause. Take the time to think about the merits of your plans and actions and to detect what part of your past currently challenges you (and perhaps troubles you). It needs to be enlightened, understood, and digested so that you can find peace with the world, your mind, and your heart. From the 9th of June until the 17th, Venus invests in your decan, which endows you with an irresistible charm. Now is the moment to open a new emotional cycle knowingly and for the best!

In a Relationship the only likely interference to trouble the game of love this spring are flashes related to the past. This could make you wonder about your past and present love stories? Secrets, remorse, and buried regrets that come to the surface that you must strive to integrate into your consciousness. However, this spring, you will have the means and scope to achieve it! Why not take a step towards a more authentic life whose contours are clarified and it could satisfy you more fully!

Single, this spring try to face your past and some elements that may still prevent you from enjoying the moment. You will, indeed, have the opportunity to meet someone but you might still be hesitating to engage in a love story that tempts you if you are still trapped in memories and stories that paralyze your care free attitude! On the other hand, if you approach what might still be stuck with honesty then you have the chance to move on pronto or soon and abandon yourself, without anymore obstacles or reluctance, to the vertigo of love!

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): Stay in Touch With Reality!
Unless you establish love as a cause to serve or a mission to fulfill, this spring (and for a while already) you risk thinking more about carrying out and defending a social, human, even humanitarian, ideal and devoting yourself to a project that exceeds you rather than investing fully into the relationship! That is unless you obviously consider your idyll as a Holy Grail to defend with passion and loyalty. Neptune, indeed, exalts more disinterested commitments than inflamed love stories even if, as everyone knows, one does not prevent the other! In April (between the 4th and the 12th) Venus will exalt your humanism and could endow you with a social influence that's likely to seduce the community, your partner or a heart ... for the taking (the 10th?)! Between April 28th and May 5th, Venus promotes projects conceived between friends, concerning your emotional life, but also the ideals that currently mobilize you. You will take the time between May 23rd and May 31st to survey your heart and the depth of your feelings, but also to reflect on the consequences of your current initiatives to achieve what you are aiming for (whether it's a desire to dedicate yourself to a project or to someone that inspires you). You will probably feel in agreement with yourself and your principles around the 30th! The end of this season (in June) may be more sensitive to manage! Between your desire to fully engage yourself (but not necessarily knowingly) on the 16th and the pressure of Saturn, which forces you to respect certain limits, you will certainly be interested in making the right choice to complete the spring, that of moderation. Keep your feet on the ground for all the chances of concretizing whatever you'd like!

In a Relationship if love is an important part of your life, let's bet that it's an idealized version of the bond and that passion doesn't have much of a role in your love story. This spring, you can dedicate yourself to daydreaming, as well as serving a cause. You can have it all but for this objective to satisfy you, you must found it on solid ground and not only on hollow dreams! However, you have many assets to build as much as you do to dream, so a priori ... everything is possible!

Single, whether you fantasize about a love that seems a little inaccessible to you or that you aspire to devote yourself to a mission that lifts you up, this spring you will have to dig deeply into the subjects, in order to measure the ins and outs and program your initiatives usefully. In fact, it's not just a question of hovering in high places, but also of taking into account the limits of the possible that will be felt again from the end of May, when Saturn does not forbid you from anything except for building castles in the sky!

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th): Be Wise!
If, at the beginning of the season (until March 26th), Venus actively relays your emotional ambitions (the 21st?), you can also count on her (between April 12th and 20th) to radiate in all directions. But probably more socially, only specifically in terms of feelings! Then bet on this delicious planet to influence whoever you want, move the lines in the office, and smoothly contend with the limits imposed at work (the 12th and 14th)! However, avoid abusing your assets to put pressure on your partners (whether professional or private). They would not appreciate it, especially on the 15th! In May (between the 7th and 15th), there is room for tender projects but they will likely face (the 7th) restraints and obstacles that will exasperate you. However, you should manage to get the endorsement of those you love and with whom you are committed to (the 9th)! It is actually by agreeing to reduce the wind in your sails a little (the fault of Saturn) that you will have the best chances to achieve your goals in love this spring! Between May 31st and June 9th, take a break! Take the time to discuss your projects with each other and measure both their contours and consequences! Enough so that (from June 25th) you can begin a new cycle of your emotional life in good conscience with an undeniable and undoubtedly irresistible charm!

In a Relationship Saturn is in danger of playing the spoilsport this spring, but it should be for your own good! In particular to prevent you from getting into projects that are too extravagant and do not take your means or the desires of your partner into account! Then try to have a good heart in the face of bad luck and rely on wisdom and time to achieve what you want without endangering the foundation!

Single, if you want to find and keep that special someone this spring, be sure to moderate your impulses. Indeed, you need to operate in good ,that is to don't get so wrapped up that it scares your crush or makes them want to run away. If you want to be sure to anchor a recent or nascent idyll in the long term, accept the restraints that come to restrict your whims from time to time and cope with frustration. This is the best way to convince your crush to love you, to stay, and why not, make it official!

Advice from FREE Horoscope

This spring is a little subdued, where some will have to deal with a past that is reminiscent only to them and must be tackled without evasion. Others will have to keep their feet on the ground and others still will sometimes feel a little restrained in their impulses . A spring to treat then as consciously as possible to understand the lessons and use them wisely, that is to say ... to your advantage!

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