Gemini, your love horoscope for Winter 2023

Written by Daisy

A professional and social life in complete evolution with the ambition to push your limits. Count on a relentless determination this winter to move forward and move the lines! The same goes for love, where you will try to give meaning to your relationships. Whatever your priorities this winter, you will not hesitate to play your charms to obtain what you covet. You take up the challenges that await you, score points, and why not win some hearts in the process!

Gemini First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(21st May to 31st May)

Love: You Can See Far Ahead!

You have the ambition to take off romantically through a project that lifts you off the ground (January 4, 9, 25). In that case, you will not give up and will have every chance to realize your tender plans. You can count on your relatives, friends, and a benevolent entourage (between February 20 and 28) to relay and support your hopes. At the end of the season (between March 16 and 25),take the time to sort out what is essential (on the 17th) and what must be abandoned. You can soon begin a new cycle of expansion in full possession of your means.

In Relationship

This winter, you will aspire to open up broader perspectives in love. Count on the astral climate of the winter to help you and allow you to expand your horizons. From January onwards, you will strive to make your hopes come true (with success a priori) (4th, 9th, 25th). Well surrounded, you should benefit in February from the support of those you love to reach your goals and will know how to find the right words to rally the votes (the 18th). You will end the season by thinking about the best means to build a lasting structure!


There is no question about settling for tasteless romances or ephemeral romances this winter. You aspire to project yourself into a future that inspires you, to build more than to fly over the subject. You will not be afraid to make tender plans in January; if you have just met someone, it will be time for you to consider the future together. In February, your plans are moving forward at a rapid pace. In March, take a step back from your evolving love life. You\'ll need to determine the solid foundations on which you want to build your relationship.

Social Life: Closing The Loop!

After a more reflective phase where you were perhaps evaluating the possible consequences of your actions, you are finalizing a project and initiatives undertaken since the end of summer 2022. Until February 20, Jupiter supports your plans and should help you find the support that will allow you to realize what you have in mind and even finance them. Hurry up and close the loop because, from March 7, Saturn will force you to prove yourself on the social and professional levels. It will no longer be a matter of fulfilling a dream but of proving that you are up to the task you have been assigned or in which you are engaged.

Well-being: You Have A Lot Going For You!

Mars, present in your decan until January 30, boosts your energies and pushes you to act (especially from January 12). As for Jupiter, it helps you to realize your dreams and projects until February 20. This is a great cosmic support that you should use as soon as possible to achieve what you want to do. Before Saturn enters your world and demands a lot from you, especially that you prove yourself and make the atmosphere a little heavier.

Gemini First decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

An active, dynamic winter in which you should not let any opportunity pass you by to move forward and obtain the necessary support to realize your exciting projects. From March 7, the atmosphere changes! A lot will be asked of you, and you\'d better respond.

Gemini Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(1st June to 10th June)

Love: Readability Advised!

You can use your irresistible magnetism at the end of December (22nd) and January (5th, 8th, 30th) to get what you want from whoever you want without difficulty. Just be careful (January 15) to send clear emotional signals to the other about your intentions if you don\'t want to generate misunderstandings! The same goes for February (4th, 5th, 21st),when people sometimes find it challenging to understand where you are coming from. Use your energy to convince and not force the other person to adopt your point of view (8th, 22nd)! In March, exciting projects concerning your emotional life will give you wings (the 2nd).

In Relationship

You will do everything possible. You can count on a sharpened feeling in December (22nd) and January (5th, 8th, 30th) to encourage your partner and loved ones to believe in you and the perspectives you wish to associate them with. However, try not to use your sense of strategy too much to confuse them and leave them with no other choice than to follow you. It\'s not clear that they would appreciate the maneuver. Instead, you should rely on your unambiguous exchanges with them! In March, an exciting project will lift you up from the ground. Your loved ones too (on the 2nd).


You will not lack intuition nor flair to direct your emotional life to your idea. You will know how to persuade your entourage to follow you in your perspectives. Just make sure that you are polite. Above all, ensure they understand you well if you don\'t want them to reproach you for your clumsiness or use strategies that they might find regrettable (around January 15th, 4th, 5th, February 21)! In March, a new and promising romance, a project that inspires and motivates you or both (the 2nd).

Social Life: Play It Straight!

At the end of December and January, your desire to change your direction, your way of working, and even your life will benefit from your sharpened sense of strategy. Just be careful not to play too much on your charm to get what you want at the risk of attracting suspicions about your legitimacy (January 15). The same goes for February when people could be suspicious of you if you oscillate between charm and attempts to force your way in. Prefer to impose yourself gently, with an air of nothingness (on the 8th) or using well-argued exchanges (on the 22nd)! In March, a large-scale project will mobilize you (on the 2nd),and you should count on active support to initiate the turn you are planning.

Well-being: Strenuous Exercise, But Essential!

Uranus lurking in the shadow of your sign can increase your desire to go faster. You are inclined to force the passage to make your destiny evolve and to free yourself from a past that is definitely pulling you back. However, do not neglect this winter to spare your entourage (professional and private) who need time to understand and adapt to your aspirations. Rely on patience and endurance to get your message across. The best approach to convince without wasting too much energy and avoid stress peaks!

Gemini Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

From February 20, Jupiter favors all your projects. This will be the moment to move forward without losing sight of the fact that to open up the future to your liking, you will have to spare your troops (at least a little).

Gemini Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(11th June to 20th June)

Love: Intense Winter!

You start the season a priori carried away by an ideal that exceeds you (December 25, 28, 29). The same goes for January, when strong emotions (1st, 18th) seem to titillate your senses and boost your libido. The trick will be to channel all these feelings into building on a solid foundation or (and) define principles that will anchor your new objectives in the long run (22nd). It would seem that you have, in fact, the ambition to direct your destiny in its entirety and a notch higher (February 6, 10, 15, 19). A vision of the world and a version of your existence that is different and more inspiring is to be reinforced. But avoid imposing it on anyone on March (15th, 16th, 17th)!

In Relationship

There is nothing lukewarm or dull to fear this winter when passion seems to take the lead over an outdated version of your worldview and destiny. You will be working under the influence of heightened emotionality and a solid desire to move the lines and achieve a form of fulfillment that inspires and motivates you. The only pitfall to avoid this winter? A tendency at the end of the season (in March) to force those around you to follow you. Prefer to convince them rather than coerce them!


You aspire to surpass yourself and live in another more inspiring dimension that you will strive to reach this winter. You can count on a powerful emotional frequency to seduce, to attract in your nets which you like. A magnetism sharpened by the conjuncture should allow you to realize a dream and an ideal and live intense moments in love. Just be careful in March (15th, 16th, 17th) not to spoil the party by doing only what you want!

Social Life: Upward Movement!

No (more) question of working on goals that don\'t make sense to you. This winter, count on a cosmic backdrop that supports your ambitions to carry your dreams. You\'ll know what to do and say in late December and January to motivate your troops and rally them to your quest for the ideal. Unless you put yourself at the service of a cause beyond you. Whatever form your quest takes, you will invest your body and soul in it. Be careful in March (15th, 16th, 17th) not to interfere with the frequency by trying too hard to impose your point of view and methods on others!

Well-being: Energies To Be Managed Consciously!

Do you have a strong desire to direct your destiny differently, invest in a quest, or defend an ideal? Whether in love or in business, you should experience an intense season, probably passionate and exciting. It\'s up to you to manage your strengths well so that they serve you to get your Grail without being too tempted (in March) to take yourself for God. In which case, you could be disappointed and end the winter a little lonely and frustrated. Admit that it would be a shame!

Gemini Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

A winter that could well have everything to please if you put yourself at the service of an ideal beyond you. Follow your inner guide, the path of your soul rather than your ego!


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