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Complete description of the Air element

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Air element in astrology:

Air is the third of the elements, positive, masculine and extrovert. This element characterises the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Air as an Element

Now that the earth has given concrete form to the energy of fire, we have the addition of mental agility. The air signs symbolise the intellect, exchanges with others and the arts. You have an ability to adapt to everything around you and are sociable with a marked interest in everything to do with humanity. You seek self-fulfilment through your contacts with others and stand out with your intellectual capacity and need for communication.
However, you also have your indecisive and unstable side, with a tendency to spread yourself too thin or skim over situations. You are too cerebral, superficial and critical...

In Love

With your overly cerebral approach, you sometimes find it difficult to make room for desire when the opportunity arises. You develop ways of reasoning which can detract from your clarity of thinking and miss out on occasions for enjoying moments of sensuality, because of dissecting your emotions or questioning your attractions. You find it difficult to express your emotions, but you want commitment and to be able to learn where romantic relationships are concerned. However, your instability or indecision could put strain on a partner who is more natural, straightforward or led by instinct.

The Planets Ruling the Air Signs

Gemini is ruled by Mercury
Mercurians are sociable and keen to meet as large a number and variety of people as possible, for the simple pleasure of communicating and learning. Animated and ready to help, though sometimes elusive in their pirouetting and evasive tendencies, it is important to them to be free to initiate relationships and not feel tied to anyone or anything. Mercurians are highly-strung and curious about everything. They are endowed with good critical senses and skill.

Libra is ruled by Venus
Venusians are naturally balanced and patient individuals. They wait and see before making judgements or taking action. They naturally express their emotions and passion, being creative and inventive. They like everything connected with beauty and live by the philosophy of the beautiful and the good. They can see the good in everyone, even their enemies. They are pleasant and sociable, with a very well-developed sense of aesthetics.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus
Uranians are individuals, independent and original. They value their freedom above all else. They are intelligent and often quicker to understand than others. They are ahead of others in their avant-garde ideas and are therefore often misunderstood. They are not afraid to explore new avenues by departing from what they have traditionally learned or beliefs they have previously accepted. Uranians are free of all intellectual prejudice and interested in everything.

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