Neptune in Pisces

Written by Mary

Neptune is currently transiting the constellation of Pisces. This planet is one of the slowest: it goes around the Zodiac in 164 years and it takes about 14 years to cross each sign. His position in sign is much more about community and a whole generation, which explains its use in studies of world astrology. His influence may, however, become more personal in some charts of the sky. It is then interesting to consider in which house it is and what aspects it has with the other planets.

14 years of humanistic progression, 14 years of benevolence, charity towards others, 14 years of creativity, ideals and fantasies ... And you? What will be the impact of Neptune's transition to Pisces by 2025? What spirituality lies in wait for each of us?


Aries are traditionally focused on concrete but idealized values. The great project of an Aries will often be to find the "perfect" love, to be the best, the first in their specialty or, more modestly, to conquer and then to keep a total freedom of movement and expression.
With wisdom coming, Neptune could push some of you to commit more, to act concretely and build a better world. This can range from a neighborhood committee to an international NGO but always with a view toward concrete actions.


The spiritual ideals of Taurus are often related to acquisitions. But, contrary to what is often believed, not exclusively money. The conquest of stability and serenity will become increasingly emotional, as monetary values lose their security.
As maturity grows, this sign will seek more and more excellence in their reflections and spiritual discoveries, endeavoring to put them into practice. They are particularly good at imagining concrete solutions.


Gemini thinks a lot but does not always go deep. Their volatile mind is attracted by all the ideas that circulate and by the time they dissect and criticize other noises will have reached their intellect, which is always on the lookout. Their deepest ideal is to understand everything in order to master everything.
The influence of Neptune will force you to lower your intellectual guard to let yourself be implanted with notions of intuition or clairvoyance. Some problems are not dissectable and require more heart than head ... You will have to commit.


The ideals of a Cancer are often powerful but rarely realistic. Many dream of a fantasy land, corresponding to their maternal or paternalistic temperament. The big challenge for a Cancer is to bring dreams back into the real world while keeping their freshness and faith in the future.
Neptune is going to help you a lot in the next twelve years. It will support your intuitions and give you a means of expression that will allow you to put words to your ideas. Your spiritual maturity will go through an instinctive understanding of humanistic movements and concrete methods to participate in.


Leo aspires to recognition and dreams of prestige. But these ideals that seem very egocentric are in fact marked by goodwill, a kind of candor, a lot of generosity and loyalty. Leo's challenge over the next 12 years will be to develop their leadership and organizational skills in projects that are more humanistic than glorious.
Neptune's action on your sign will bring a touch of spirituality to your often down-to-earth considerations. The mixture of this new wisdom and your innate talents could put you at the head of a fraternal movement.


Your aspirations are measured and controlled, you do not fantasize about miracles and you are suspicious of the great philosophical-humanistic flights, finding them more talk than credible. Your challenge lies, for the future, in your ability to go beyond appearances, to understand the unspeakable and accept the unexpected.
Neptune will help you or hinder you according to the use you make of its essential influence. If you open your mind and especially your heart to the opinions of others, even poorly argued, you will evolve. If you focus on details, if you criticize everything, you will stagnate in a narrow world.


Your ideals are inspired by the desire for perfection, balance and harmony in everything. Your concern is that you often lack initiative and tend to depend on others to really make an opinion. Your challenge is to dare to assert yourself individually, so as to convince and set an example.
The influence of Neptune will be positive if you know how to use it. Forget the principles of others, let your heart speak and dare to claim loud and clear what seems right to you. Each personal initiative will be marked by an excellent intuition and lot of finesse, so go for it!


Scorpio is more passionate than idealistic. They are too lucid about reality to imagine a perfect world. They will have to free themselves from their demons, suspicion, harshness or upbringing to envision a more humane and better managed society. Their great intuition generally makes them understand all the inner workings of the most complex situations.
Leonardo's sign is particularly implicated by the transit of Neptune. As for him, he will emphasize your humanist side and you decide to concretely take action to improve certain things. Your values are exalted but do not put too much intransigence either ...


Sagittarius has more ideals than means, they are passionate about every good cause they hear about and may lose their way between excess, boasting or inconsistency. The primary duty of Sagittarius is not to develop their aspirations but to master them to make something useful.
Neptune in Pisces risks tricking you for a long time: being positive and reactive, you risk getting wrapped up in confused or dishonest causes. The greatest rigor will be required so that your spirituality does not take on pretentious proportions, without benefitting anyone, not even you!


Capricorn has high, wise and concrete aspirations, but they do not have many feelings, which often deprives them of dynamic associations with other gifted people to improve the world. They will have to develop their empathy and warm their exchanges, in order to achieve the concrete results they want.
Neptune is home in a friendly sign and will greatly soften your positions in the coming years and make you much more endearing. You will find more opportunities to use positively your excellent humanistic dispositions.


The ideals of Aquarius correspond with their inventive imagination: immense and universal in scope. However, they lack flexibility of mind in the face of more timid temperaments. Their challenge is to put themselves in others' shoes, without thinking they hold the truth or impose their point of view, which is more inappropriate than they think.
Neptune's actions in Pisces will allow you to trust your intuition rather than your reason. It is by better understanding individuals that you can change society, not the other way around. Let yourself be carried away by this gentle influence, compassion and kindness towards others.


Pisces is the most idealistic of all the zodiac, but certainly not the most realistic. They must always make great personal efforts to keep their feet on the ground and face the routine, even if it is less poetic. They are full of kindness, charity and understanding but often lacks the tools to act concretely.
The presence of Neptune, your master in your sign, is an immense advantage over others: you are in tune with the most universal aspirations of people and your innate understanding of human misery places you at the top of those who can change the world ... or a small part of it.

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