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Robert Pattinson revealed!

Written by Susan

Born on 13 May 1986 at 8.32 am in London. His personality doesn't lack determination, despite his easy ability to adapt to all environments and realms of ideas very different from one another. His Cancer ascendant in fact gives him great flexibility, a characteristic reinforced by a trine aspect from Jupiter in Pisces to his Ascendant. Robert excels in the art of grasping the atmosphere he moves in and this will gradually nurture his creativity. It will not go unheeded, which is to be seen from the predominance of the last three houses of his birth chart. The path his life will follow involves achieving his potential before all else, even if this is to the detriment of abandoning actions that are only of use to him or developing his private life.

The presence of his ruling planet Venus in Gemini and his Twelfth House makes him a very mysterious and resourceful lover. This astrological configuration leads him to form deep attachments, the depth of which he is able to express unequivocally. It also gives him a taste for secrecy, which is ideal when you are pursued by large numbers of paparazzi! Robert goes about his love-life in a straightforward manner. With a passion for verbal communication, he is on the lookout for a love tinged with both kinship of spirit and passion. He explores this absolute with a hard-hitting Mars, which is at home in the sign of Capricorn. You could say Robert Pattinson doesn't lack firmness of resolve in his private life. His numerous fans make no mistake in imagining him to be a formidable womaniser.

The presence of his natal Jupiter conjunct his Tenth House is entirely typical of those who reach the heights of celebrity. This conjunction is in the sign of Pisces and an indicator of overall success and an impact on people in general. There is no doubt then that he will leave his mark on his generation with his particular brand of sensitivity, as he knows his strengths and weaknesses better than anyone and never tries to hide them in his performances. His sensitivity is touching and his assets powerful.

Robert Pattinson's charisma is not really surprising when you look at his astrological chart. In fact, the opposition of his Ascendant and natal Moon to his Seventh House and Mars already point to a natural tendency to dramatisation and self-expression with an innate aplomb. This aspect points to a great ability to exploit his sensitivity in playing strong, unconventional roles with remarkable authenticity. The dominance of Water signs that contain eminently powerful planets (Jupiter, the Moon and Pluto) indicates a nature that is passionate, hypersensitive and extrovert. Being able to express his emotions enables him over the course of time to develop as a person and work on plans of great portent with a strong humanitarian leaning.

The three-way trine of Pluto/Jupiter/the Moon in Water signs in his astrological chart emphasises the fact that his sensitivity will be linked to his public life and popularity. This is an aspect found among certain male politicians, particularly those who have a natural talent for influencing public opinion. His authority on an artistic level will act as a lever for him to take action on a collective level to help disadvantaged population groups.

The transit of Jupiter across his native Sun and Mercury in the ninth House this year heralds the start of new projects, especially ones that are very different from the ones he has been involved in until now. There is no doubt that on the horizon in 2012, thanks to the transits of Saturn across his natal Pluto in the sign of Scorpio and Jupiter across his natal Venus, will be the emergence on our screens of something completely illuminating in a strong, profound role next autumn.

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