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Introduction: Kid!

Cancer ascendant Gemini: You are as endearing as a child, full of ingenuity and good will, but restless, a little capricious, a kid, what! Not only do you like novelty and movement, but you also have a great need for tenderness, which is not always easy to balance... You are quite possessive and especially when it comes to love and relationships with others, you rely on loyalty and commitment which are sacred values for you.

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Gemini: Charming and sociable
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Gemini: Materialist and changeable

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Personality: Very nice!

You live in the moment, without worrying about tomorrow, you do not plan anything. You let yourself be guided by your whims, your desires, your inspiration of the moment, which can cause unexpected changes in your life, both professionally and privately. You have a multi-faceted personality. Your sense of humor disarms without a hitch and you have a knack for putting people at ease. Your natural simplicity and your diplomacy allow you easy contacts, in particular with the children.

Vitality / Temperament: Very dependent on the Clan!

Sensitive, emotional, the dull and hurtful reality does not satisfy you and you like to escape in the dream and the imagination. Endowed with an inquisitive mind and always on the move, you are constantly in search of stimuli, of novelties. You are a great communicative child, charming, light and very endearing, you have the art to soften your entourage and to arouse protections. You are very receptive to those you love, your loved ones have a great influence on you.

Love and emotional relationships: How they present themselves!

In love, it is difficult for you to make a definite commitment, you tend to let yourself be carried along by circumstances. You are a bit naive, but you have a lot of nice ideas to share and you are often motivated to start a sentimental project, but you lack maturity, patience and self-confidence. You are attracted by new or daring ideas, you are less gifted in recognizing true love.

In the family: The comfort zone!

Your tantrums are sudden, but they don't last... Except in the family! You can be angry when you are dissatisfied, but you should not take your provocations seriously. Your loves remain sincere despite appearances. Your life's journey will teach you to discover different ways of living and to learn from them. You may very well convince your family to lead a very different or distant existence...

Relationship with money / material goods: The autonomy above all!

Phlegmatic, but full of common sense, you are never caught off guard financially. At times spendthrift, full of carefree spirit, you can suddenly show yourself to be an outstanding manager, who puts the needs of your loved ones first, completely erasing yourself. You are particularly keen to achieve financial independence and to make what you have bear fruit. This is the way in which you manifest your existence and position yourself in relation to others.

Socio-professional life: All-terrain!

You are a team player and a versatile person. You can succeed in all kinds of careers thanks to your charm, your flexibility; provided that you stabilize yourself a little. Professionally, everything that requires movement, travel, meetings, is a success for you. You are gifted for many things, but, a little lazy, you are slow to get into action.

Sphere of friendship: Choose your friends carefully!

Your stability and need for security drive you to create lasting friendships. To do this, you must be careful to manage your tendency to be possessive. You have developed a high value system in your relationships with others and you have an incredible ability to stick to it. You are totally committed and of course expect the same in return.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an air sign

A few children or close Earth and Fire friends will bring just the right amount of dynamism and common sense to brighten and stabilize your daily life in concrete reality. In order to evolve, you need to get rid of a certain immaturity.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You have a strong value system, an incredible ability to stick to your commitments and responsibilities that you can be proud of. You always keep your promises. You have the art of giving solid and secure foundations to your relationships.

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