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Introduction: Double-sided!

Taurus ascendant Gemini: On a solid, hard-working and confident Taurus base comes a Gemini influence made of dispersion, critical spirit, biting irony and intellectual futility. These contradictory notions often clash and undermine your self-confidence a little, in spite of your still very lively material ambitions.

Strengths of the for Taurus ascendant Gemini: Sociable and sincere
Weaknesses of the for Taurus ascendant Gemini: Scattered and inconsistent

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Personality: Very flexible!

You are endowed with an extroverted personality, your sociable and good-natured side allows you to be daring and at the same time measured and very beneficial to create new links. Your creative potential is in constant effervescence, you adapt very quickly to situations, it is a great strength that allows you to constantly update your inner life according to the external events.

Vitality / Temperament: Curious about everything!

You keep a teenage side for a long time, not knowing what you really want. You are prone to whims and caprices and are interested in a multitude of different things. Your mind is curious about everything and you are inexhaustible on the subjects you know. You are a little nervous, restless and you tend to disperse yourself. With age, you manage to stabilize yourself.

Love and emotional relationships: A lack of consistency!

You have a lot of difficulties to commit yourself, you need to think a long time before deciding to declare your flame, but, once launched, you show a lot of will and fidelity. Torn between the fear of loneliness and the fear of commitment, you are a little inconstant in your emotional development.

In the family: Always there for your loved ones!

You have a lot of difficulty managing your businesses and your interactions with your loved ones. You do not always achieve your goals and you are often frustrated by a lack of concrete results. You are nevertheless loved by your loved ones, because you are dedicated and endearing. You are often present when you are needed and you do not ask for anything in return.

Relationship with money / material goods: Lack of stability!

Your usual restlessness does not serve your interests: you have a tendency to disperse and you can sometimes suffer from a lack of opportunities despite good ideas. You are not cut out for big financial ventures, but you are an excellent salesman who can do good business if you do not squander your capital...

Socio-professional life: A little too direct!

You are turned towards exchanges, your personality serves you mainly in this field. You are at the same time shy and communicative, you cause reactions of defense during your exchanges, because you show yourself sometimes too frank in your mode of expression. Avoid polemics, contradictory debates, dialogues of the deaf. Life pushes you over time to develop a sense of nuance.

Sphere of friendship: A nice friend!

You need to feel independent and to have many exchanges with others, to feel surrounded, but free. You have a charming personality which seduces by its humor, its glibness and its cheerfulness. You easily make friends to whom you remain faithful.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

Tolerant, open, humanist, you have high ideals, social, humanitarian and cultural movements attract you. You feel concerned and you want to contribute to the progress of society, advocating human rights and a better future for all.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You are concerned about others, you possess listening skills and empathy that allow you to understand and help those in need. You are capable of great generosity and compassion.

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