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Introduction: Too cerebral!

Aquarius ascendant Gemini: You are usually intellectually gifted and not lacking in inspiration. But you are sensitive to mirages. Abstractions and concepts interest you more than the reality on the ground, you are delighted when you have understood a new complex notion. You are more easily happy in your friendships than in your loves. Indeed, you are not very demonstrative in your affections and even a little distant.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Gemini: Adaptable and sociable
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Gemini: Independent and changeable

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Personality: Attracted by the future!

You are endowed with a personality that is very receptive to change, always on the alert. Indeed, you rarely dwell on the past, you know little nostalgia because you prefer to prepare your future. This tendency pushes you to a great idealism in your relational life. You are a restless person who overflows with good ideas, new concepts, but this is not an asset in all fields. You would probably make a good career in advertising, you are convincing and always aware of new trends.

Vitality / Temperament: Curious about everything!

You absolutely cannot stand routine, you have an incessant need for renewal, change, movement. Very nervous, your mental activity is intense, always on the lookout for new and avant-garde ideas, but you lack the pragmatism to put them into practice. So many things interest you that you are inclined to disperse yourself. You need to learn to let go regularly, to decompress and to listen to your emotions with serenity. A piece of advice: Don't get stuck in a narrow conformism.

Love and emotional relationships: Lack of consistency!

In love, you want to keep your freedom above all else and you find it difficult to settle down and be content with one love. You are passionate about everything you do and are always ready to take on bold challenges, but you often lack the energy and consistency needed to see a story through to the end and make it a reality. You are not always easy to follow and understand, as you are unstable, changeable and impressionable.

In the family: Pretty cool parent!

You may feel frustrated with your mobility, with your family responsibilities, because you crave freedom and can't stand constraints. If someone tries to tie you down, limit you or immobilize you, you may quickly take to the road. Your disappointments can lead to a bad mood, with exacerbated criticism and sometimes virulent reactions. But, you easily put things in perspective and you never delay in getting back to your cruising speed.

Relationship with money / material goods: Communicate first!

Very independent, you tend to flee from responsibilities, constraints, commitments. In the professional field, you are more inclined towards the abstract than the concrete. It is in an artistic or intellectual company that you are best fulfilled. Very gifted for communication, you can do wonders in the media, journalism. You need a job that allows you to move around and not get bored.

Socio-professional life: Popularity supports you!

You have no trouble establishing multiple relationships, making your way in all circles. Your popularity rating can reach new heights, which will always have a direct link to your financial progress. You have no trouble achieving material success. Your mind is your greatest strength, but this can lead you to overwork, cogitation, restlessness, which puts your nervous balance out of balance.

Sphere of friendship: Many friends!

Not supporting loneliness, sociable, open, you have a great sense of friendship. Full of finesse and humor, you attract sympathy. You think and react quickly. You know a lot of people, but you share few intimate moments with your family as well as with your partner.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You have an adaptable, but somewhat unstable, alert mentality. You often lack the energy to sustain your efforts toward success. Intelligent and curious, you adapt easily to any situation. You are sociable and cannot live alone for too long.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

Your life experience will push you to develop your field of understanding to evolve according to your own conceptions and to develop a high philosophy and much humanism.

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