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Introduction: A character who can't stand still!

Aries ascendant Gemini: As quickly seduced as bored, you move from one activity to another and often abandon projects in progress. You tend to disperse and lack perseverance. Communication is essential for you, exchanges stimulate your curiosity.

Strengths of the for Aries ascendant Gemini: Adaptable and skillful
Weaknesses of the for Aries ascendant Gemini: Impulsive and changeable

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Personality: Very sociable and funny!

You are playful, facetious and you know better than anyone how to turn a stormy dialogue into a mockery to avoid losing face. You are endowed with a deep sense of brotherhood, you need daily links, multiple exchanges, to really blossom and know yourself in depth.

Vitality / Temperament: A real will-o'-the-wisp!

Sparkling, lively, spontaneous, you are an eternal adolescent. You like to laugh, to have fun, you live in the moment and plan very little. You flee from obligations, constraints, routine, banality and seek change, new ideas, adventure. Boredom scares you, you do not hold still and you accumulate activities and contacts.

Love and emotional relationships: Unstable and changing!

You lack structure in your love life and you often don't know where you stand. You tend to get carried away a little quickly or to covet all the loves at once. Dissatisfaction and boredom frighten you and you have difficulty getting attached. To anchor yourself in a life together, you need a communicative partner who will know how to make life together stimulating and will give you the freedom you need.

In the family: A whirlwind of fantasy!

You do not hold still, you have no patience, but you are skilful in everything, as much in exchanges as in seizing opportunities or quickly tinkering with what your loved ones need. Routine exhausts you, but you are characterized by a magnificent dynamism and a sharp intelligence.

Relationship with money / material goods: The roller coaster!

Money management can quickly become a game for you: you are clear-headed, you don't get caught up in emotionally driven transactions, and your ability to seize your opportunity can make you a great deal. But you are not very disciplined and you are better at investing than saving.

Socio-professional life: Bold and multi-tasking!

You are very good at interacting and communicating. You are a good handyman who always uses the right tool to get the desired result. You need regular changes in your daily life and are bored by repetitive tasks. You have a strong potential for creativity, especially on the verbal and literary level.

Sphere of friendship: An excellent communicator!

You love to meet new people, you get to know them very easily. You live better the fraternity than the love, the emotional implications put you at ease. You have a sense of strategy, in exchanges, games, collective actions. Your life experience pushes you, whatever your path, to develop this sense of brotherhood and to help all those who lack audacity in life.

You have a Fire sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You adapt easily in all fields. Curious about everything, you are an ingenious and quick jack-of-all-trades, skilled in execution, but very impatient. You are ready to do anything to renew yourself, to challenge yourself to something new. This does not prevent a certain independence, but with the need to involve yourself in social contacts.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

The relationship between your personality and your motivations is harmonious, you are particularly gifted in seizing all the opportunities that pass within your reach. You can also be interested in certain cases by anarchic movements, in revolt against the established order or too narrow structures.

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