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Introduction: Eternal adolescent!

Gemini ascendant Gemini: You are light, airy, fresh in spirit with an eternal adolescent side that is very attractive. However, on a practical level, you lack tenacity, you tend to scatter or to let yourself be distracted, because you get bored quickly. Intellectually attracted by all possibilities, you have a little difficulty to maintain your objectives, but your flexibility often compensates for your wanderings, except perhaps in love...

Strengths of the for Gemini ascendant Gemini: Adaptable and eloquent
Weaknesses of the for Gemini ascendant Gemini: Unstable and critical

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Personality: Independence of mind!

You are endowed with a personality of strong intellectual intuition and reflection, which can take you very far. You know better than anyone else how to reason while keeping a cool head and without letting yourself be indoctrinated by anyone. Distracted, frequently in the clouds, you have a broad vision of the life and the world, turned towards the future which you conceive with optimism.

Vitality / Temperament: Hyperactive and scattered!

Nervous, restless, you need to be constantly on the move, either physically or mentally. You flee boredom, silence, solitude, routine and your inner worries. You have a thirst to learn, to know, to understand everything that happens around you. Many fields interest you and you undertake a crowd of things at the same time without managing to finish them all or to really deepen them. You tend to disperse yourself. Communication is essential for you.

Love and emotional relationships: Independent, but adorable!

Most of the time, your emotional life is complicated. Very independent, in love, you seek more easily the flings, the frolic rather than the stability. For you, life is a game and you live in the moment. This mixture induces two extreme behaviors: an early marriage which can very well stabilize you or a prolonged celibacy, even definitive.

In the family: Saved by the home!

You are a friendly provocateur and you can open up the minds of those around you. You can bring a lot of atmosphere and fantasy into your home! A lack of stability may slow down your efforts because you are tired of the material and practical aspects that are part of your responsibilities, stewardship is not really your thing. But if you are surrounded by stable people, your home will support you throughout your life.

Relationship with money / material goods: At the drop of a hat!

It's a combination that makes you restless. Always on the lookout, you jump at every opportunity to keep your mind occupied. You often have good ideas that are sometimes drowned out by the flow of your thoughts. You are regularly late for appointments, you rarely finish the projects you have started, but that doesn't stop you from being efficient when you really need it.

Socio-professional life: Talk, move, write, sell!

Professionally, you need a job that offers you a lot of variety. Observant, you have a precise and perceptive perception of things. You analyze problems and quickly find solutions. Opportunistic, you know how to sniff out and seize opportunities to move up the ladder. You are not afraid of change, you are inspired by it. You are an excellent salesman, a good journalist, and anything that involves expression, mobility and exchanges suits you.

Sphere of friendship: The friends of your friends are your friends!

Spontaneous, sociable, you have the easy conversation. You need to charm, to please, you love to feel surrounded by an audience and to lead the discussion. Your speed of adaptation to changes, to people, to atmospheres makes you a born diplomat. If you don't hate to shock others with your caustic words, but you always land on your feet through humor.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You are not particularly good at taking on constraints, assuming responsibilities and accepting sacrifices. Everything works perfectly as long as daily worries do not catch up with you. In the event of a crisis, you'll have to come down to earth to deal with the thorny situations, and that's no easy task.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

You are full of vitality and you assert yourself as you are. You always seek to know yourself better and your attitude tends towards real authenticity. Warm, positive, honest, spontaneous, you project a strong image, you have presence and you generally make a strong impression on others.

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