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Introduction: Sometimes cynical!

Scorpio ascendant Gemini: You are a born detective who snoops around, dissects and tries to know and understand. That's fine mechanically, a little more difficult humanly. Your sarcastic humor can wreak havoc by triggering both laughter and lasting enmities, beware! You will have to work hard to install stability. Your need for change deserves to be managed with sagacity and especially not with impatience and impulsiveness.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Gemini: Funny and intuitive
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Gemini: Sardonic and nosy

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Personality: Move forward masked!

Behind your cheerful, carefree, mischievous attitude, you are curious and discreet. You have a taste for secrecy and you play the comedy, you manipulate the reality to reveal nothing of yourself and to be aware of everything. Quick and resourceful, you have a subtle and skilful mind, you learn and understand with great speed. You love intrigue and mystery, which doesn't always make life easy for you. But with your sense of observation, diplomacy and your critical mind, you always manage to get out of the most delicate situations.

Vitality / Temperament: Intuitive and responsive!

You are endowed with a nature that easily understands the hidden motivations of others, which gives you a strong asset in your relationships. Your perspicacity combined with your innate sense of contact allows you to enter all socio-cultural environments. You easily find ways to fight and adapt to life's changes. On the other hand, you tend to want to control events without necessarily taking the time to let go and find perspective.

Love and emotional relationships: Difficult to fit in!

You are more sensual than romantic, your curiosity pushes you to investigate the other, it will be necessary to find the good partner... Aspiring to freedom, in love, commitment anguishes you. You are elusive and uncertain and when you settle down in a relationship, you never stop questioning it. You do what you like and your sentimental life is particular. You run away from certain responsibilities which bore you, you will have to find a partner who avoids conflicts as much as possible.

In the family: A little interventionist!

Careful, meticulous, you feel a great need for organization and clarity, both in the layout of your home and in the relationships between family members. Even if it is for their own good, your loved ones may feel stifled by your thoughtfulness and prefer greater freedom in their choices. You are happy with a modest home as long as it is practical and secure.

Relationship with money / material goods: Born researcher !

Professionally, you excel in any work that consists in uncovering what is hidden, detective, researcher, psychoanalyst... With a constant thirst for discovery and experience, you have a great need for diversity so as not to spread yourself too thin. Your qualities in communication can allow you to do high-flying business. You have excellent analytical skills which will probably help you to succeed in a good career.

Socio-professional life: Fine strategist!

You are very good at making the results of your daily work pay off. You have an extraordinary flair for spotting good deals, whether they be purchases or investments. Your interests are varied and your spending follows the same pattern, but you are not particularly spendthrift, you are too concerned about your material security.

Sphere of friendship: Discreet, even secret friend!

With people you don't know well, you are very sociable and communicative, only those close to you know your emotional, grumpy and caring side. You can be a dangerous adversary in some situations, but you become a very valuable ally when someone is your friend. Some drastic decisions seem easy to you, especially when it comes to cutting ties with someone or being tenacious to achieve certain goals.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an air sign

You need changes, contacts and wide spaces to escape and keep your balance. You are attracted by travels and your knowledge is enriched by your experiences, you reason logically, you are able to assimilate the data of a problem and to synthesize it.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You appreciate the world of work in which you can fulfill yourself. However, you prefer to remain in the background and make yourself indispensable rather than take on the burden of confrontations with authority and venture into unsafe territory.

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