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Introduction: Sparkling!

Libra ascendant Gemini: Light, mobile, you have something sparkling. Romantic and vibrant at the slightest breath that moves you... You are very sociable, everyone and everything interests you, but not necessarily for long, you are kind, but a little fickle. You tend to let yourself be seduced rather than fighting to seduce a heart. On the other hand, your indecision and your inconstancy can harm the good evolution of your professional life, between laziness and casualness...

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Gemini: Intelligent and lively
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Gemini: Changing and critical

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Personality: Very (too?) adaptable!

You are endowed with a nature that is adaptable to the diversity of beings and situations, and you easily find the means to deal with life's changes. On the other hand, you have a tendency to give free rein to events without necessarily trying to change them. As a result, certain radical decisions seem difficult to take, especially when it is a question of cutting ties with someone, or of showing tenacity in order to achieve certain objectives.

Vitality / Temperament: A bit unstable!

Resourceful, resourceful, you adapt easily to people and situations, but you will have to make efforts to follow the path of stability. Your need for change deserves to be governed with sagacity and especially not with impatience and impulsiveness. Your communication skills may enable you to unite opposing interests.

Love and emotional relationships: By wanting too much...

Your love life is a bit complex. You aspire as much to harmony and balance as to adventure and multiple experiences. In a couple, you are energetic and benevolent, but you sometimes lack concrete ambitions. You are affectionate and demonstrative, loyal and sincere in your feelings. You find your ideal in a good philosophy, a way of life that guides you in your constant search for excellence.

In the family: Quality of life!

You are very devoted to your family, even if you put more practical sense than feelings into it. You are particularly motivated by the security of each one, you have a complete pharmacy to make up for all the problems which can occur at the level of the health of your close relations, you try as much as possible to offer to your family a healthy and natural food, but you have a little too much tendency to control the behavior of each one. Very sociable, full of spirit and humor, solitude frightens you, you need exchanges, communication, to constantly renew your relational circle. Spontaneous, light, whimsical, you are charming and you easily attract sympathy and success.

Relationship with money / material goods: Opportunist above all!

In the professional field, you are unable to bend to a demanding routine, you need to move, to express yourself, to meet people. You find it difficult to stay in one place long enough to pursue a subject. But you know how to seize the opportunities, the openings that present themselves to you. Your best asset is your eloquence and, always wanting to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, you are a born conciliator.

Socio-professional life: Lucky breaks... Or not !

You are impressionable in the management of your property, but your need for material security helps you to safeguard your interests. Curious about everything, you succeed in everything easily, but as soon as something starts to bore you, you lose interest in it. You are a bit unstable and, always on the lookout for new knowledge or information, you tend to disperse. If you go off the beaten track, your sense of legality always brings you back into line.

Sphere of friendship: More friendly than loving!

You know a lot of people and you love to exchange ideas on all subjects for hours. You are seen everywhere, always in good shape and smiling. Your presence is much appreciated, thanks to you no one gets bored. You can be reproached for a lack of stability or seriousness, but your defects become assets when the atmosphere is too heavy. Your loves are scattered, it will not be easy to push you to settle down.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

Your relationships are based on camaraderie, sharing ideals. You seek fraternal agreements, groupings or associations. You associate for pleasure and very spontaneously. You have a team spirit and a stimulating behavior, very energizing for others. You need an optimistic partner.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You hate monotony and always have a multitude of activities that are out of the ordinary. But, by dint of investing too much in activities that distract you, you sometimes lack time to take care of your interests. This can, at times, make you miss a few appointments with your own success!

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