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Introduction: Control of emotions!

Capricorn ascendant Gemini: You have remarkable intellectual faculties. You are gifted with reason, critical sense and spirit of synthesis however, you often doubt your capacities. You exploit an incisive humor, brilliant in your repartees, but you only barricade yourself against your emotions. You are gifted for the public life, whether it is a political mandate, of trade or craft, these are fields where you can cartoon.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Gemini: Communicative and adaptable
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Gemini: Egocentric and cynical

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Personality: Laughing to avoid crying!

Intellectual and curious, you have a thirst for learning and your mental activity is intense. Observant, nothing escapes you, your faculties of analysis and your critical spirit are very developed. But you are very nervous, eaten away by doubt and lack of self-confidence and, handling words with great ease, you protect yourself from your emotions, from your sensitivity, from everything that hurts you by a caustic humor.

Vitality / Temperament: Stable, but adaptable!

You have an insightful nature that allows you to understand a wide variety of situations and people. The breadth of your understanding does not prevent you from remaining true to your own ideas. Your insight, coupled with your innate sense of contact, helps you to enter into all social and cultural environments. You easily find ways to adapt to change.

Love and emotional relationships: Need for security!

You have the gift of entertaining, surprising and disconcerting. You are a cerebral person and in love, you do not leave much room for passion and fantasy. The fear of being deceived, disappointed pushes you to analyze your impulses, your emotions and to slow down your feelings. Distrustful, you need time to be reassured, to invest yourself in a relationship and to reveal yourself. You find it difficult to relax and your emotional life is often complicated. You need a partner who listens to you and reassures you.

In the family: An organized daily life!

You have a practical and dispassionate spirit that makes you methodically search for the home most suitable for your family life. You are concerned with all the details, you are moderate in the family, very orderly and of a great honesty. You are meticulous and punctual, but sometimes critical and acerbic if those close to you do not behave as accurately as you do. There is no impulsiveness in your acquisitions which are very precisely calculated.

Relationship with money / material goods: Need for recognition!

You are strongly involved in your professional life, because you want to obtain the best result. You are a good diplomat and you defend your interests and those of others. You seek osmosis with your professional environment. You have a somewhat romantic vision of it, aspiring to a higher harmony that rarely exists in the workplace. You need trust and gratitude from your employer. You seek to make yourself useful. Adaptable and available, you tend to have very human relationships with your colleagues. The misfortune for you would be to evolve in a dehumanized atmosphere which would not allow you to feed your ambitions of high ideals.

Socio-professional life: Financial security essential!

You tend to want to control your wealth without necessarily taking into account the imperatives of your loved ones. Some radical decisions are easy for you, especially when it comes to stabilizing your material life. Your communication skills help you considerably in your financial development.

Sphere of friendship: To share good times!

You have exceptional analytical skills, your criticisms are always well argued and your speech is always impeccable. You are discreet and serious, but that doesn't stop you from amusing others from time to time with a dry sense of humor that is much appreciated. Your friendships are impulsive and not necessarily lasting, but you are always sincere.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

Lively, free of prejudice, curious about everything, you have a thirst for knowledge and diverse experiences. You like intellectual challenges and enjoy debating multiple topics in front of an audience. You have a sense of humor and find original solutions to potential difficulties.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You excel in the art of adapting to everything. You shine in professions related to sales, animation, crafts and the public. Your daily routine is not routine, but you tend to do too many things, to spread yourself too thin, to be inconsistent, to change your mind and to waste your energy.

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