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Introduction: Rather introverted!

Aries ascendant Capricorn: You are lucid about yourself and human nature, aware of the difficulties of life. You are not very sociable by nature and do not have many true friends who know who you really are. It is only in intimacy that you manage to relax. You have difficulty trusting people, you are a little awkward, distant in your exchanges and relationships and it would be beneficial for you to learn to be warmer, more open.

Strengths of the for Aries ascendant Capricorn: Reliable and tenacious
Weaknesses of the for Aries ascendant Capricorn: Introverted and rigid

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Personality: Quite a character!

You are endowed with a willful, tenacious, combative personality, which does not bother with excessive diplomacy to assert itself. Your nature pushes you, all your life, to seek at the same time the fight, the renewal, the change and the stability. You need to acquire a certain authority in your social life, but also in your intimate bubble.

Vitality / Temperament: Quite demanding!

You are reserved in your affections and impetuous in your social or professional ambitions. This leads to a complicated emotional life, but to bold and structured projects. If you manage to compromise with your loved ones, to give up a little warmth and tenderness in your emotional relationships and if you tone down some of your demands, you will be able to balance your life in all areas.

Love and emotional relationships: A bit stiff!

In love, you are not very demonstrative, but you are attentive, faithful and whole. If you fail in this area, you tend to compensate by working. Your emotional modesty and a certain fear of showing your weaknesses sometimes lead you to be authoritarian. Sentimentally, you are not one to commit yourself lightly. You are modest and you have difficulties to exteriorize your feelings. Love is for you like a long quest, because you do not give up easily your ideals.

In the family: Very attached to the well-being of the clan!

Your role as a parent brings you much satisfaction and stabilizes you. Your life path pushes you to better understand your ambitions, as you are motivated by the comfort and well-being of your loved ones. Family life allows you, over time, to find an ever more subtle emotional expression.

Relationship with money / material goods: A good saver!

You need stability and security and are therefore very cautious in financial matters. If this attitude protects you from great disasters, it also deprives you of some potentially juicy investments. You can solve this problem by taking advice from specialists you trust.

Socio-professional life: The taste of effort and work well done!

Work is important to you, fulfilling. You have ambition, you are rigorous, organized, courageous, reliable, you want to evolve, climb the ladder. You are a hard worker who is not afraid of responsibility. Being very demanding with yourself, you are also demanding with others. You lack flexibility, indulgence, you are very strict on your principles.

Sphere of friendship: Distrustful and not very talkative!

This is not an easy combination, as you are reserved and uncommunicative while your actions need support to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You need to be confident to share your ideas and activities. You don't express your feelings easily, but that doesn't stop you from being assailed by strong emotions. You need to avoid people who hold grudges.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You get a volcano. Outwardly, you seem calm, reasonable and realistic, but underneath this sober appearance, you hide great inner outbursts, passions that are difficult to control.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

A defense mechanism brings you a feeling of limitation, of frustration that prevents you from using your potential to the fullest.

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