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Introduction: Lonely and ambitious!

Scorpio ascendant Capricorn: You are very concerned about your ambitions, you are fiercely independent and determined to succeed in life, even alone... As much as your professional life is favored, your sentimental life is likely to be difficult, because of your requirements. Extremely lucid, logical, realistic and curious, you need to learn and understand everything that happens around you. You pace your life with habits and principles and you live very badly the unexpected and the opposition.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Capricorn: Resistant and lucid
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Capricorn: Distant and severe

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Personality: Great strategist!

You have a strong personality, naturally inclined to avoid superficiality, to see things seriously. You have a facility to hold a professional and social role very close to what you really are. You have a tendency to control events, but some radical decisions seem difficult to make. Your need for power is strong and requires you to be impatient and pessimistic. Your strategic sense allows you to get through all the crises of life.

Vitality / Temperament: Secret force!

You show yourself reasoned, calm, mysterious and this can give you a severe appearance, but also charismatic. Reserved, cautious, you are not easy to approach, you try not to show your weaknesses and you do not give yourself up easily. You are however prey to doubts and torments, especially in love. You are capable of suffering in the short term to clarify your life in the long term.

Love and emotional relationships: Discreet but intense!

You are the very style of the dark handsome, seductive, but rather reserved in the expression of your feelings, you can appear secret or severe. In love, you do not like to show off, but your emotional demonstrations are intense in private. Your mysterious air makes you attractive, you hide your uncertainties well and you do everything to control your emotions in public.

In the family: Impulsive energy!

Life at home is hectic under your influence: you don't hesitate to nag your little world so that everyone gets busy and does their share in the management of the household. But you are a bit selfish, you think first of your own aspirations and you do not give enough importance to the needs of your loved ones. Conflicts can arise if you do not moderate your impulses, if you do not take enough account of the sensitivity of others.

Relationship with money / material goods: Very ambitious!

Strongly focused on your professional life, you love work well done and you invest yourself entirely in your activity. Thanks to your courage, determination and stamina, no obstacle stands in your way and you move steadily towards success. You like to be in control of situations and you exercise a strong self-control. You are reserved and wary who wants to succeed in every way. You give the impression of being sure of yourself, but this is not the case, it is doubt that allows you to surpass yourself in your professional life.

Socio-professional life: Stable finances!

Your management skills, if you cultivate them, can take you far, high. Your austere tastes and your exacerbated discipline protect you from financial whims, you are very lucid on your expenses and capable of saving like a madman if the circumstances require it. But this clairvoyance does not prevent you from being generous.

Sphere of friendship: Very receptive!

You need to observe the other person for a long time before giving them your trust. But once your heart has been touched, your friendship and love are unwavering. You have a great need for relationships, but you don't always look for depth, too sensitive to appearances. You rely on the comfort, protection and tenderness of strong partners, but you can sometimes fall victim to your own gullibility. In groups, your attitude is imaginative and receptive. Family influence is a determining factor in your relationships with others. You have a devoted and caring temperament.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You have confidence in yourself and you are persevering in everything you undertake. Ambition is a sign of your character, you are lucid and tenacious, logical and reasonable, you build your life slowly but surely.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

Your strength of will and determination, combined with strong physical resources, give you an energy that is stimulated by a taste for challenge. You rarely lose your temper, but if you do you react with great violence and possessiveness.

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