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Introduction: Compliance enthusiast!

Cancer ascendant Capricorn: Your motivations depend completely on the people you are in relationship with. You can be as distant as warm, depending on the person you are talking to, but you often feel misunderstood, because your appearance does not always correspond to your deepest personality, which is very uncomfortable...

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Capricorn: Discreet and reliable
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Capricorn: Distant and severe

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Personality: Sometimes too serious!

You are endowed with a personality that is at the same time whole, composed, very calm in appearance, you rarely give in to anger, because you are constantly trying to control your emotionality. You are not really shy, but rather reserved, introverted, distrustful, you hide your sensitivity under a shell which can make you seem cold, distant, authoritarian. You have some difficulties to come out of yourself, to express what you feel.

Vitality / Temperament: You build your life slowly but surely!

You are not very demonstrative, but very affectionate and can be counted on in all circumstances. Often solitary, you can spend a lot of time to recharge your batteries without feeling the need of a presence. Dreaming is a natural, essential thing for you, which you hide perfectly in your social life. It is the essential motor of your actions. You do not like solitude, but it can bring you a lot, because it helps you to structure your ideas or your projects.

Love and emotional relationships: A mixture of intuition and a sense of responsibility!

In love, you seek to build a cozy and secure nest in a lasting relationship. But you don't always make yourself accessible and some fulfilling relationships may slip through your fingers, due to a lack of flexibility. You seek to surround yourself with resourceful and adaptable people who are not stubborn about everything. The lightness and fantasy of your love life are the best remedies for your frustrations.

In the family: You have a real sense of duty!

It is the sharing, the collaboration with your loved ones that allows you to reach a true fulfillment. You must sometimes make efforts to see the positive side of life, a family and especially children can considerably help you to relativize. Cancer in tandem with Capricorn gives an absolute, proud and whole side, in your eyes, half-tones are impossible. You generally seek to be the best in what you do, without vanity. A happy, balanced and harmonious family is your greatest achievement.

Relationship with money / material goods: Trustworthy, rigorous, hard-working person!

You are very tenacious in your professional ambitions. You seek security and social success, and you often succeed. Work helps you to structure and secure your life and to overcome your doubts. You are a reliable worker, efficient, rigorous, organized and good manager. You also have a strong sense of responsibility.

Socio-professional life: As a good family man!

Your tastes are rather simple and sober, you prefer quality to quantity, but quality also has its price and you sometimes exceed your budget for reasons of comfort and well-being at home. You are particularly good at making good real estate investments and your other investments always have that "good father" feel. You can be stingy if you feel insecure: you dramatize small problems and tighten your purse strings a bit quickly. Your emotions play an important role in the way you handle money.

Sphere of friendship: Constant balance with the environment!

You often feel misunderstood and this hinders you in your relationships. You give great value to friendship, but you grant your affection only sparingly, your friends are counted on the fingers of one hand. It is only in small groups, surrounded by those closest to you that you give up, feeling safe. You are not very sociable with strangers, but you can be very affectionate with your loved ones.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

The Ascendant in the sign of Earth is very useful for you to better manage and control your emotions. Your sensitivity is tinged with reason, realism and your ambitions are reinforced by this Ascendant.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

It is through your contacts, your associations that you realize yourself. You learn a lot about yourself through the mirror of the other, you discover your own value through the relationships you form. The most important thing for you is marriage, it is possible that your marriage will contribute to your social elevation, but in any case, the union will play a primordial role in your life.

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