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Introduction: A little slow to start!

Pisces ascendant Capricorn: You are perpetually worried and lack confidence in your talents. You also have difficulty identifying your real potential. You often keep your thoughts secret, but you find it difficult to feel fulfilled, without ulterior motives, without guilt, without inner turmoil. If you are helped in a concrete way, you can commit yourself seriously to a relationship and you will show yourself to be stable and faithful.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Capricorn: Disciplined and responsible
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Capricorn: Shy and frustrated

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Personality: In search of the essential!

Feet on the ground and head in the stars, this is a maxim that characterizes you well. You have a great facility to link the practical contingencies. Your idealism naturally pushes you to deepen your knowledge, to dig into the subjects, to not be satisfied with appearances. You cannot live without ambition, your quest for meaning is constant, regular, it follows a quiet flow and you are not afraid to free yourself to better advance towards fulfilling situations.

Vitality / Temperament: On your guard!

You flee from stress, agitation and noise. You display a cold, distant, serious appearance which hides your nervousness and your great sensitivity, you internalize your emotions. Reserved, even withdrawn, you are very distrustful and that makes you a little inaccessible. This is your way of filtering the people around you. Only those who gain your trust know your true nature, generous, receptive, creative and humorous.

Love and emotional relationships: A relationship of trust!

In love, you aspire to balance and stability. In search of romance and good company, you need a communicative partner in your love life, to share common interests and discuss them for hours in a good mood. You also need to be able to talk freely about your relationship, so that it can be maintained and constantly evolve.

In the family: No surprises!

You need stability and you want to build for the long term. You never make a commitment lightly, because when you invest in a family, it's for life. You are extremely loyal and devoted to your home. But although your attachments are deep and lasting, you don't express your feelings much and remain very secretive. With you, there's not much room for fantasy and the unexpected; you rely on a secure routine.

Relationship with money / material goods: A good element!

It is with confidence and perseverance that you move forward to achieve your goals and satisfy your ambitions. Professionally, combining intuition with analysis, you are very efficient. When you have a project in mind, you go through with it and taking the time to evaluate the risks before any decision, you move forward in a very sure way. You don't like to be noticed, you act with efficiency and discretion in your work, which makes you appreciated by your colleagues and hierarchy.

Socio-professional life: Neither rich nor miserable!

You appreciate and seek comfort and material security, while knowing how to do without them when life takes you through difficult periods. You are familiar with desert crossings, whether material or emotional, and you can emerge from them either grown up or prostrate, with no middle ground. But you are naturally cautious and of a rather sober temperament, which helps you considerably to keep your finances afloat.

Sphere of friendship: Friends for life!

You often need solitude to refocus on yourself, away from the hustle and bustle. It may seem that you are cold and distant, but you are simply shy and modest and you seek to protect yourself. You are lucid and you do not take any risk, you build your friendship life slowly but surely. Your reflection and your intuition guide you to make the right choices and take the right direction. You keep full control over your feelings and emotions.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You have a facility for taking responsibility, protecting others gives you a feeling of usefulness that you find difficult to do without. Your prudence prevents you from expressing your feelings, you must be confident to say what you think. You confide in those you love when you are in a good mood and your loves are sincere.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

Imagination and emotionality underline your character, nostalgic for the past, which you must avoid thinking about constantly. You assert yourself by measuring yourself against situations, taking into account the element of time. You are ambitious and make it a point of honor to overcome obstacles.

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