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Introduction: Ambitious, but timid!

Capricorn ascendant Capricorn: You are a solitary, determined and hard worker. You have a little difficulty in communicating and you show yourself reserved with the strangers. Your ambitions are mixed with a permanent doubt on your capacities, which pushes you to exceed constantly on the socio-professional level. You distrust everything, including feelings and if you are looking for emotional stability in a warm sharing, you find it difficult to really believe in it.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Capricorn: Courageous and faithful
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Capricorn: Dark and demanding

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Personality: Very (too?) serious!

You are endowed with a whole personality, naturally inclined to rise above, to detach yourself from trivialities, to see things seriously in order to focus on your true ambitions. You have a facility for taking on responsibilities, the control of events gives you a feeling of usefulness that you can't do without. You know how to make energetic decisions that commit you in the long term, you are capable of great renunciations to reach your ends.

Vitality / Temperament: A bit of a hermit!

Of an introverted nature, you are very independent and have a taste for solitude. Straightforward, square, honest, you are very demanding with yourself as well as with others. Very realistic, your vision of the world is a little dark and you have difficulty to like yourself. Ambitious, you advance with a lot of perseverance and resolution towards your objectives, nothing can divert you from it, you do not let yourself be impressed by the obstacles.

Love and emotional relationships: A shell to be pierced!

In love, you aspire to stability, but your mistrust and caution hold you back. You have a strong control over your emotions and you are not very demonstrative. It is difficult to seduce you, but, if we succeed, you will remain faithful and responsible. In love as in friendship, you generally behave with coldness and distance. Because of your chronic anxiety, you very often deprive yourself of pleasant moments.

In the family: Warmer as a family than as a couple!

Your professional career is often more important than your emotional life. You have a deep aptitude for taking responsibility and mastering complex situations. You flourish in activities where you can put forward your sense of method, organization, rigor and meticulousness. Too demanding and perfectionist, you are rarely satisfied with yourself and you regularly question yourself. Your tenderness expresses itself perfectly within the framework of your home, affectionate, you are a valued confidant, tender, emotional.

Relationship with money / material goods: Elegant and efficient!

Serious, rigorous, you are a workaholic and your sense of responsibility is highly developed. Practical, organized and a perfectionist, you are very efficient in the performance of your duties. You are very elegant and diplomatic in your social and professional life. You rely on presentation, presence, and the effect you have on others rather than on your real skills, but don't sink into superficiality. You are attracted by jobs that touch the artistic life, the Justice, the positions of mediator or adviser.

Socio-professional life: Sober and wise!

You have very personal and sometimes whimsical ideas about money. However, your natural sobriety usually keeps you out of material problems, as you are able to make do with the essentials. You seek to invest in original and even eccentric ways without needing advice that you would not listen to.

Sphere of friendship: Few friends, but real ones!

Distrustful, you find it very difficult to open up to others. It takes time to trust. You are a very faithful friend, but if you feel disappointed or betrayed, you do not forgive. Your social life is small, you have few friends, but they are sincere. In constant change, you can be distracted, fickle, absorbed in your personal goals or ideals, but you are generally quite open to others.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You have a strategic sense that allows you to get through all of life's crises. Your need for power is powerful and requires patience and optimism. Your management skills can take you far.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

You prefer solitude, tranquility and routine. You must constantly surpass yourself to reassure yourself of your abilities. You are not a great talker, you never describe what you feel, you have to be pulled to understand yourself.

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