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Introduction: Very ambitious!

Libra ascendant Capricorn: You are often torn between your sensitivity and your reserve, between your love of others and your powerful personal ambitions. You have good business acumen, and your intuition and common sense combine to make you persuasive. You have an incredible ability to work hard and achieve your goals. You are emotionally involved in your career and are always eager to advance. For you, taking action means striving and climbing the social ladder as quickly as possible and overcoming adversity through effort and hard work.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Capricorn: Strategic and hardworking
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Capricorn: Austere and distrustful

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Personality: Two faces!

You have a personality that is naturally inclined to keep your private and social life separate. Your professional and social role is very different from what you are deep inside, you tend to alternate between letting external events run free and absolute control. As a result, some radical decisions seem difficult to make, especially when it comes to ending certain relationships.

Vitality / Temperament: Hard to let go!

You exercise a strong control over your emotions, you analyze, reason rather than let your sensitivity emerge and you can appear distant, austere while deep down, you need contacts, approval and support from others, you aspire to be appreciated at your true value. You act with authority, having the ability to lead a group. Overzealousness is not uncommon, as is rigidity. You seek to maintain total control over situations.

Love and emotional relationships: Need for warmth!

Underneath your apparent coldness lies a burning heart that suffers if it does not feel loved by a sensitive, attentive and affectionate partner. In love, you tend to hide your sensitivity behind a coldness that tends to isolate you. Your doubts and mistrust hold you back, you do not reveal yourself easily, but once you are confident, your attachment is deep and lasting, you aspire to found a stable home with an affectionate partner.

In the family: Reliable but distant!

At home, you are calm, reserved and structured. Your interior is rustic and sober. You attach a lot of importance to order and discipline, and you lay solid foundations to keep your home safe for the long term. You like solitude and silence and you carefully avoid anything that you consider superficial in order to build a reassuring daily life. Unfortunately, you are not very expressive, one never knows what you are thinking about and your loved ones are often in need of emotional demonstrations from you.

Relationship with money / material goods: A top employee!

More at ease in your professional life than in your sentimental life, you are very hardworking. Able to invest yourself without counting the cost for your career and liking the work well done, you are efficient and effective, whatever your activity. More diplomatic than combative, you are an excellent negotiator. Thoughtful, organized, methodical, you are a fine strategist and you climb the ladder of success one by one with great determination.

Socio-professional life: On a rollercoaster ride!

You have a strategic sense that allows you to get through all of life's crises. Your need for growth is powerful and requires you to be impatient and impulsive. Your financial skills, if cultivated, can take you far in many areas. Your success is rapid, but also subject to sudden unforeseen events or phases of discouragement. You find it difficult to bear the intervention of others and prefer to be self-sufficient.

Sphere of friendship: Rare but precious friends!

Your professional life is at the center of your concerns, as this is where you are most comfortable. You are gifted in negotiations and conferences, you are a much appreciated element and this brings you satisfaction. You often appear to be austere and reserved, whereas you need warmth and sharing. You need to surround yourself with enterprising people to evolve in your friendly life.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You are tenacious and hide behind a shell to protect your sensitivity from aggression. You have a tendency to tell yourself stories, because you have an amazing memory.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You may not want to be away from your home too often and want to devote yourself entirely to your family or prefer to work from home. However, be careful not to cut yourself off from the world. Real estate, ecology, decoration are fields that attract you. You are rather introspective and focused on spiritual development.

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