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Introduction: More hardworking than romantic!

Leo ascendant Capricorn: You are robust, firm, determined, hard-working... But a little distant in your relationships. Do not let your ambitions devour you either... Your capacity for work and your dignity can earn you positions of responsibility where your efficiency will work wonders. You are so attached to social success and material security that you risk, through negligence, to experience emotional loneliness.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Capricorn: Ambitious and courageous
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Capricorn: Rigid and secret

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Personality: Very (too?) serious!

You are endowed with a personality that is primarily focused on your ambitions. Stagnation is not part of your ideology, you do not conceive of leading a life that would not be useful to your ideals. Your natural pride protects you from utopian projects and, despite your enthusiasm, you do not lack common sense, which prevents you from embarking on dubious adventures. Your dread is the loss of control. Very demanding with yourself, you strive for great mastery without ever being really satisfied with yourself. You strive for excellence, constantly trying to meet expectations and not disappoint.

Vitality / Temperament: Mastery and empathy!

Often silent, immersed in your deep thoughts, you give the appearance of calm, because you are master of yourself. But your expression does not lack punch when you consider it necessary. You have to take your time to achieve your ambitions, which in your eyes are not worth much if you cannot share them with others.

Love and emotional relationships: Work or love, choose!

You are able to invest yourself totally in a relationship, to merge with the other person. You particularly need to feel satisfied on the sexual level. Success is a priority for you and you risk forgetting your sentimental life. Introverted, you have a little difficulty to express what you feel. However, when you get attached, it is deeply, you are very loyal and faithful. Of a distrustful nature, you can appear hard, haughty, but when one knows you well, one discovers your big heart and your benevolence.

In the family: The house: a haven of peace!

At home, you often think of yourself first and tend to set a pace or make demands that may not suit everyone. You bring a lot of energy and a winning spirit to your family's day-to-day life, but you don't always appreciate the expectations of others and don't instinctively adapt to their expectations. Outbursts or tensions can sometimes be the result. You probably don't spend enough time with your family and this could be detrimental to you.

Relationship with money / material goods: Workaholic!

You are ambitious, you spend most of your time working, your career is very important. You are honest, serious and your presence is often appreciated by your associates or colleagues. You use patience and the power of time to achieve a position of authority. Clear-headed, perceptive, with outstanding decision-making and organizational skills, you are a hard worker capable of taking on heavy responsibilities.

Socio-professional life: Wise and associative!

Your best asset is your ability to channel your energy in the most effective and efficient way. You enjoy investments that require signatures, contracted investments, and interest associations. You choose financial activities where it is possible to collaborate, to share.

Sphere of friendship: Friends made of reinforced concrete!

You are keen to smooth out the rough edges, to find compromises, to install a courteous, even refined atmosphere in your friendships. Often, you are attracted by common activities, team sports. You also seek to know what lies beneath the surface of things and of life. You have the opportunity to gain a great understanding of life, you are thirsty for intense experiences. You are not interested in superficial contacts, you are looking for deep relationships.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You need a bond, a relationship of a fusional nature with a person in whom you can invest yourself completely. Sexual satisfaction is particularly important to you, it allows you to free yourself and assert yourself.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You realize that you are going through many crises from which you generally emerge purified and more vigorous. In fact, nothing mobilizes you more, nothing makes you evolve more than these critical periods of life when, on the edge of the precipice, you feel with maximum intensity all the choices that are offered to you.

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