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Introduction: Very (too?) ambitious!

Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn: You seek to turn your ideals into concrete, lasting achievements for the community. You are keen to realize your best ideas and often have a keen business sense. You are alternately impulsive or circumspect, depending on the time and the people. This can cause problems in your love life... You generally give priority to your professional ambitions. You do the maximum for your family, but only afterwards.

Strengths of the for Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn: Resilient and ambitious
Weaknesses of the for Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn: Dark and rigid

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Personality: Fearsome efficiency!

Serious, straightforward, organized, methodical, you are a perfectionist and responsibilities do not scare you. You dream of greater social cohesion and as you are pragmatic, you seek to concretize your ideals in a realistic form. You have a passionate and profound personality, naturally inclined to ignore superficiality, to see situations with precision and without complacency.

Vitality / Temperament: Hidden, controlled and immense force!

Inwardly, you are a passionate person, but you tend to exercise a strong control over your emotions, your impulses, your desires and to show yourself reserved, distant. But with age, you learn to let your enthusiasm and spontaneity emerge. Ambitious, you give a great place to your professional life. You have a great capacity for work and a real talent for business.

Love and emotional relationships: Serious, not at all fancy!

In love, you aspire to build a stable home. Your fear of failure or disappointment pushes you to be cautious and to take the time to choose the partner who suits you, because you need time to give your trust. Loyal, faithful in friendship as in love, your sense of duty towards those around you is very developed. And even if you do not show them, your feelings are very deep. Your love life can sometimes seem empty or frustrating, you will have to find compromises if you wish to make it more fulfilling.

In the family: A lion in a cage!

Your behavior is a bit self-centered in the home, but you also instill energy, optimism, courage and vivacity. You need space in your home, even if it means making changes, but you are not very good at keeping your affairs in strict order: always busy, often in a hurry, you sometimes neglect details in the maintenance of your home. It is important that your loved ones do not force you to lead a more extroverted life.

Relationship with money / material goods: A lot of work and a lot of pride!

In your professional life, it is by working behind the scenes that you make the most of your qualities. You are attracted by a job that allows you to appreciate the calm and the contemplation. You love great responsibilities, you want to be in an important position. You often leave your loved ones behind to devote yourself to your work, you must surround yourself with people who will not hold it against you. You have a facility to assume a strict professional and social role, aiming at the defense of the institutions or the interests of others. You have a strong need for honorability, which may make you reluctant to admit your mistakes.

Socio-professional life: Excellent investor!

You can be secretive about your finances. Creative or aesthetic activities are very profitable for you, especially if they bring you concrete results. More than anyone else, you are favored and pushed to overcome the pitfalls and never let yourself be pessimistic. But to do this, it is essential to know yourself. You have excellent intuitions about money.

Sphere of friendship: Rare but precious friendships!

You are secretive, often solitary and your real friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand. You like to share authentic values and you prefer long walks in nature to going out to clubs that bore you. Your entourage must understand and accept that the familiar environment is the only place where you feel totally safe and where you can fully blossom.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

When you break away from obsolete preconceived patterns, you do so without ever going back. You are able to suffer to improve your life in the long run. You have a strategic sense that allows you to get through all the crises of life. Very demanding towards yourself, be careful not to transpose your imperatives too heavily on your entourage!

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

Philanthropic by nature and possessing a real compassion in your soul, you give the best of yourself when the time is ripe for sorrow and questioning. You are one of those who can commit yourself with authenticity and ardor to humanitarian works in which your feelings will surely find a natural outlet.

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