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Introduction: Architect of your life!

Virgo ascendant Capricorn: Seriousness personified! In all areas of life, you build with rigor and method on the basis of sensible and lasting plans. You are sometimes found to be austere or ambitious, because you remain very reserved, even secretive. However, your affections are deep and your loyalty total.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Capricorn: Reliable and enterprising
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Capricorn: Distant and intolerant

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Personality: More cerebral than emotional!

Reason, reflection and analysis dominate all your undertakings. You leave nothing to chance, sometimes at the risk of becoming too attached to details. But your precision is harmoniously combined with your way of synthesizing, so you do not drown in trivialities. Your logic and rigor save you from embarrassment, but make it difficult to understand your own feelings and emotions. Their subjectivity requires a certain amount of letting go in order to fully experience your loves.

Vitality / Temperament: A builder's temperament!

You are naturally inclined to adopt a reasonable point of view on everything. It is rare that you get carried away by your emotions; it is your thoughts that guide you and allow you to keep your footing with reality. Realistic, pragmatic and full of common sense, in all areas of your life, you want to take the time to build solid, lasting foundations, but your lack of spontaneity and fantasy isolates you a little from those around you.

Love and emotional relationships: Slow but sure!

In love, you take your time before settling down, but once committed, it is for life. Whether in love or friendship, your attachments are lasting, you are faithful and loyal, but not very demonstrative. You exercise strong control over your feelings and emotions, as you are aware that they can make you vulnerable. Your relationships are made of gentleness and understanding, marked by affectivity, but you protect yourself for a long time before you really open up. You need a caring partner.

In the family: A whirlwind at home!

At home, you are energetic, optimistic and enterprising. You are stubborn, but not resentful, and you don't let the obligations of daily life pile up in a corner. You are not very neat, but your home seems more lively than many others. You are always willing to help your loved ones with activities that require great physical effort. But you can be selfish, not always easy to get along with, and rarely listen to how others may feel. Your family may hold this against you.

Relationship with money / material goods: A golden CV!

Ambitious, endowed with a calculating mind and a will to build, you have an unfailing patience to reach the goals you have set for yourself and an enormous capacity for work that forces admiration. You are discreet, efficient, with precise gestures. In your professional life, you are constant and you appreciate above all the satisfaction of a job well done. Your courage pushes you towards a beautiful career, often formal because you have nothing eccentric! Square, determined, enduring, methodical, you give yourself entirely to your work and fully assume your responsibilities.

Socio-professional life: Independent and rigorous!

Your methods of earning money are original, you are an opportunist and your investments sometimes seem disconcerting. You manage your assets in complete freedom, you do not tolerate any interference in this area. You use your finances to free yourself from all constraints. As a partner, you are more susceptible to influence, you become unhappy in an atmosphere that does not suit you.

Sphere of friendship: A few reliable friends!

You are not afraid of solitude, it allows you to reflect on the meaning you wish to give to your life and to structure your projects efficiently, without leaving room for the unexpected. You often lack warmth, but this does not prevent you from being admired by a good part of your entourage. To make your acquaintance, it is necessary to know what to say, because you are not very talkative, but once the relationship is established, you are simple, faithful and attentive.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You are able to make indestructible associations, as you think hard before committing yourself and seek stability. It is usually through formal unions and children that you are most successful in your life. You are interested in and motivated by anything that has to do with construction, both literally and figuratively. You are not the most fanciful mix of the zodiac, but certainly one of the most reliable.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

Your ideals are high and you have high intellectual ambitions. Your main objective is to constantly expand your worldview through knowledge and experience. You have an innate need to understand the hows and whys of things, to go further in understanding your existence, to find meaning in your life.

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