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Introduction: The heart is racing!

Capricorn ascendant Cancer: You have a little difficulty to bloom serenely, to reach happiness. Torn between too many contradictory emotions, between feelings and reason, you are often anxious. You depend on your entourage to blossom. However, your charm helps you to find the protections that are vital to you.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Cancer: Sensitive and discreet
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Cancer: Anxious and distrustful

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Personality: A bit cyclothymic!

Cautious and thoughtful, you have your feet on the ground and excel in all activities that require constancy and diplomacy. However, beware of your restraint and sense of humor, which can play tricks on you and create tension. You can show great willpower and then be completely discouraged the next moment, for no apparent reason. You don't trust your talent and prefer to rely on logic to get things done.

Vitality / Temperament: Emotionally fragile!

You are tortured and you do not manage your emotions as you would like. Discreet, reserved, torn between feelings and reason, emotions and logic, you are anxious. You need a peaceful environment and to be encouraged by your entourage to blossom, without that, you withdraw into your inner world.

Love and emotional relationships: Big desire for a couple life!

In love, you need time to gain confidence. You are tenacious and hide behind a shell to protect your sensitivity from aggression. You feel a deep and compelling need to share your life with someone, at the risk of making hasty commitments. You must be careful that your partner's influence does not encroach on your personality. Indeed, it can happen that you confuse your interest with that of your partner, simply by love, affection and admiration. To be fulfilled, you must absolutely seek to establish a complete relationship where love and friendship, emotional and sexual harmony, good communication and, why not, work together in order to evolve together.

In the family: The family as the ultimate refuge!

Your tenderness expresses itself perfectly in the context of your home. Affectionate, you are a valued confidant, tender, emotional. As you are impressionable, you become unhappy in an atmosphere which does not suit you. You need a calm and warm home, without power struggles. You are much more at ease in a small circle and you jealously preserve your intimacy. Very attached to family values, in love, you aspire only to found a stable and protective home. Family responsibilities stimulate you and you take care of your loved ones with pleasure.

Relationship with money / material goods: Ambitious, but fragile!

In your work, you are persistent and structured, but you periodically encounter depressing moments of torpor or discouragement. In an association, you have confidence in yourself and you are persevering in all that you undertake. Ambition is a sign of your character, you are lucid and tenacious, logical and reasonable. You assert yourself by measuring yourself against situations, taking into account the time element. You are ambitious and make it a point of honor to overcome obstacles.

Socio-professional life: Good investor!

Your sense of observation and analysis is highly developed and you have excellent intuitions for material matters. You are not particularly spendthrift, but at times your emotions can make you do crazy things. Partnerships and associations are beneficial to you.

Sphere of friendship: Friendships that carry!

In love as in friendship, you have a lot of difficulty expressing your feelings, yet you have a great need for affection. Distrustful in spite of your receptivity, you display a cold and distant appearance, but once in confidence, you are soft, warm and sympathetic. You are endowed with a sensitivity that allows you to feel the beings and the situations in depth. You have an intense need to feel accepted in order to give the best of yourself.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

You are not very conscious of the image you give and you are surprised, even offended, when people find you not very expansive. But what you lose in polish, you gain in inner wealth. You aspire to an existence that assures you stability, that allows you to express your intimacy.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

Despite your doubts and anxieties, you have a desire to be autonomous and you want to fulfill your responsibilities perfectly. Serious, organized, demanding and efficient, you like work well done. Your creative potential is rich if you accept to let it emerge to your conscience.

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