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Introduction: Charming, a little fragile!

Virgo ascendant Cancer: You are delicate, attentive, devoted, pleasant and very sensitive to the slightest criticism, which makes you dependent on those around you. If you manage to provide yourself with an affectionate environment, you will then be able to deploy your treasures of tenderness and devotion, with great fidelity. You aspire to understanding and comfort. You are sensitive, dreamy, but also moody and indolent.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Cancer: Loving and dedicated
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Cancer: Capricious and indolent

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Personality: Modest, but very persuasive!

You are endowed with an affable personality, discreet and modest at first sight, you have an influence on your entourage, but through gentleness. Your talent of persuasion comes from your quiet strength, you approach the life and the beings with simplicity. You spend a lot of time taking care of your interior, with a view to harmony, comfort, but also aestheticism, you like beautiful things and artistic objects.

Vitality / Temperament: Too attached to the details!

Your sensitivity and your intelligence are easily matched, which allows you to understand situations with common sense, a spirit of synthesis and ease in finding simple solutions. But this simplicity also has its drawbacks which, if you become aware of them, will allow you to blossom further. It is a question of not falling into excessive perfectionism, which prevents you from keeping an overview of the most complex situations.

Love and emotional relationships: Need a strong partner!

In love, you are looking for a peaceful and secure union with a demonstrative partner to create a solid home, a cozy cocoon. Your emotional life will always remain the pivot of your destiny. You are a sensitive being who needs to be loved to reveal all his qualities. You are imaginative, understanding, dedicated and diligent. That said, you have mood swings that cause you to close in on yourself. You need a partner who can calm your anxiety. In love, you need attention and warmth; you often need to be reassured or comforted.

In the family: The ultimate refuge!

Hypersensitive, emotional, you depend a little on your home to assert yourself and blossom, conflicts and tensions disturb you. You need the support, the benevolence and the approval of your entourage and it can be difficult for you to detach yourself from your family environment. You seek to live in a pleasant place with good company, not too far from cultural attractions, as you enjoy movies, theater or exhibitions and, more generally, interesting encounters. You can be very selective in the choice of your guests, because you want to keep a peaceful atmosphere. But once the chosen ones are chosen, you are very warm with your entourage and you are capable of all compromises to keep your daily life free of conflicts and headaches.

Relationship with money / material goods: Better assistant than boss!

Your professional life is often up and down, but you are always looking to (re) conquer your freedom and independence. At work, your best assets are your diligence, your perseverance, your honesty and your perfect punctuality. In the professional field, you lack a little ambition, but you are very efficient and reliable in the exercise of your functions. Creative and productive, you are methodical and thoughtful in your actions.

Socio-professional life: Tastes of luxury!

You have a tendency to live beyond your means, as you do not want to fall behind, and you can be tyrannical at times in this area. You feel socially comforted by your possessions with which you can be very exclusive, placing your pride in your assets.

Sphere of friendship: Many acquaintances and few friends!

You are discreet and reserved, but rather critical with those around you. You speak little, but you judge, you evaluate the people and the situations. Subject to anxieties, doubts, lack of self-confidence, you are difficult to tame. You are very selective and it is not easy to enter your intimate circle. You need to feel confident to open up to others and reveal your kindness, your warmth, your dedication and all the love you have to offer.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

You are selective in your unions and only commit yourself on solid bases. Your relationships are lucid, distrustful and demanding. You lack spontaneity and often experience disappointments because you remain distant, fearing to drown in emotions. You need a responsible partner.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You are intellectually mobile and insatiably curious. You have an incessant need to exercise your mind, to learn and to broaden your understanding of many and varied subjects. You need movement to avoid boredom, to change activities and scenery often.

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