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Introduction: Without too many nuances!

Cancer ascendant Cancer: We love you or we can't stand you... You are whole, in love with your family and your ties, but a little immobile. It is therefore in your best interest to find a dynamic partner so that you do not regularly sink into sterile daydreams... Depending on whether or not you succeed in your love life, you will either blossom at home or dry up in solitude...

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Cancer: Romantic and imaginative
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Cancer: Lazy and distrustful

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Personality: An emotional radar!

You have a discreet personality, seen from the outside. In reality, there is a whole universe of feelings and thoughts inside you that are often difficult to express. As a result, it is a real challenge to fully express yourself. Your modesty underlines your inner doubts concerning the legitimacy of your ideas, your ideals. You have a great need to feel in confidence before delivering yourself. You are often worried, anxious without knowing why.

Vitality / Temperament: Contemplative!

You like contemplation, you are never bored because the simple fact of looking at what surrounds you absorbs you. You are very homey because you only feel really safe at home. Your family is your main focus and this does not make you very sociable. You face the outside world out of necessity rather than desire, so you often need to be supported.

Love and emotional relationships: Flowers in the moonlight!

You are a great romantic looking for a fusional relationship, a half to pamper. But your expectations are immense and do not often correspond to the emotional potential that life offers. You are a bit childish in your desires and this can annoy a more mature partner. Quite unconsciously, you are mostly concerned with your impressions, your feelings and you can be found at times quite self-centered.

In the family: The universe is the family!

You need a home that provides you with the stability and security you need to evolve, a place of harmony and tenderness where you protect yourself from the world at the slightest danger. Excessively sensitive, emotional, you are easily hurt. Intuitive, you capture the influences of your environment, you live in a flood of sensations not always easy to control. Very attached to your family, to your clan, it is within it that you give the best of yourself, that you forget your complexes and take confidence in you.

Relationship with money / material goods: Cicada and ant at the same time!

You are not a very good manager. You are capricious, capable of going from great largesse to minute pettiness, you don't always have a clear idea of what a budget is, and it is to be hoped that you have honest and realistic private and social partners to advise and guide you in important operations.

Socio-professional life: Long live telecommuting!

You lack ambition and perseverance, but you are still a conscientious worker. You have the potential to excel in anything that involves the imagination. Your childhood was not conducive to expressing your potential, at least not with ease and poise. Your sentimentality tends to dominate your rational thinking. Your fertile imagination makes you a potential creator in the fields of image, cinematography, and the arts turned towards surrealism. You are gradually learning that you are just as capable if not more so than those who express themselves with ease...

Sphere of friendship: Around a brazier!

One does not enter easily in your intimate circle, it is necessary to be considered worthy of confidence to be admitted. You need affection, understanding and you like to be needed. You are very receptive to those you love, you know how to listen, console and advise. You have many friends, but you are selective before granting your trust, which does not prevent you from being kind to everyone.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

It is a romantic mixture with poetry, great exalted feelings, but also languor and chimeras. With good friends, more dynamic and realistic interests, you can achieve a beautiful existence...

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

With a strong psychological balance and good health, you have a magnetic temperament and a radiant personality. You are able to influence others easily. You may be a little too self-centered.

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