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Introduction: Ultra protective!

Taurus ascendant Cancer: A teddy bear daddy or a mother hen... You are affectionate and often extend the circle of your home to your best friends or the neighborhood in a "tribal" vision of daily life. You must be careful not to smother your loved ones under your warm but invasive protection.

Strengths of the for Taurus ascendant Cancer: Creative and protective
Weaknesses of the for Taurus ascendant Cancer: Dreamy and capricious

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Personality: A little too contemplative!

You are endowed with a fertile personality that considers life as a kaleidoscope rich in different possibilities. Your speed in weaving the threads of your imagination makes it difficult for you to follow through with its implementation. You tend to stick to projects that you try to rationalize, but you have difficulty putting them into practice. You are very receptive to images, to atmospheres.

Vitality / Temperament: A sensitivity on the edge of your skin!

You are emotional and sensual, loving the good things and going through joys and sorrows in excess. You have a great need for security. Your life is all about your family, your home, your clan. All your activities are aimed at securing your home and loved ones.

Love and emotional relationships: The need for security!

In love, you are a great romantic, faithful, sincere, tender. You are turned towards softness, harmony, sensuality, security. You need a solid and responsible partner. You invest a lot in your emotional life and you need a partner who does not really need independence. You are warm, enthusiastic and persevering, but you can also be capricious, stubborn or too talkative.

In the family: A reassuring and dedicated person!

You are very protective and attentive. You need an emotional balance, the harmony of a warm and comfortable home, the tenderness and understanding of those around you to blossom. You have simple pleasures, a good table with your family, your friends and you are happy. You devote a lot of time and resources to beautify your home in every possible way. You consider the people you truly appreciate as a bit of family.

Relationship with money / material goods: A good manager!

You want to accumulate assets for your children. You always have a minimum of material security. You have a potential for artistic creativity which can be expressed in the investment in works of art such as painting and decoration. Life pushes you to develop your audacity and your sense of reality, to become a builder, to enrich your patrimony, to buy real estate.

Socio-professional life: An honest and inventive employee!

To feel comfortable in the workplace, you need a stable job that provides you with comfort and material security. You are a creative, methodical, thoughtful and consistent worker. You have a lot of imagination and probably artistic talents. You must be careful not to dream of your success rather than undertake it.

Sphere of friendship: A very good host!

You are a homebody, but this does not prevent you from having many friends. Sociable, open, generous, you are very appreciated and nothing pleases you more than to gather your friends around a good table. You also appreciate going out in the country and being in contact with nature.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

Water waters the earth, but you must develop your autonomy, your independence of mind so that you do not find yourself in a state of emotional or material dependence and dependence is never healthy in the long term.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You give the outside world a beautiful image of yourself full of energy and vitality, sincerity, in accordance with your inner self.

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