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Introduction: A bit cyclothymic!

Pisces ascendant Cancer: You spend your life building a cozy home to shelter your loved ones and take refuge in a pleasant but invasive imaginary world. You function like a radar, receiving all the invisible currents, capable of transforming them into works of art, at times. You can't bear any measure of feelings, you go from exaltation to the darkest despair. You will need a stable and benevolent company in your daily life.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Cancer: Empressed and affectionate
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Cancer: Hypersensitive and indolent

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Personality: Intuitive, not necessarily lucid!

You possess a powerful sensitivity that allows you to feel situations and beings in depth, in all circumstances. This major tendency obliges you to cultivate a practical sense in order to avoid confining yourself to the world of emotions. Your greatest challenge is to reconcile reason and feelings, which in your case will not always be obvious, but this evolution is a factor of balance.

Vitality / Temperament: Need to release emotions!

Extremely sensitive, you often escape into your imagination to escape a reality that hurts you. Very receptive to people as well as to atmospheres, you are easily overwhelmed by your emotions and you regularly need solitude and calm to take a step back and recharge your batteries. Your inner world is very rich and creative, you can express it in artistic achievements.

Love and emotional relationships: One couple, one home!

In love, you have a lot of affection to give and you aspire to build a family, a cozy home. Romantic, tender, attentive, you seek a fusional relationship. You are anxious about a break-up and you need a reassuring partner. You are entirely devoted to your spouse and to your children. In your sentimental life, you need a person who will not rush you, with whom you will be able to found a pleasant and reassuring home.

In the family: The sweetness of life!

You are very sentimental, you attach real importance to your past, your roots. You try to get your own home, even if it is modest, as long as you feel safe there, with your family. You are sensitive to atmosphere and the environment matters at least as much as the house itself. You treat your home with great care, for it is your refuge, the place where you preserve all that is dear to you.

Relationship with money / material goods: Creator!

In the professional field, you lack practicality, but you have remarkable intuitions. A little lazy, you seek the easy way out and avoid responsibility. You excel in all activities that require creativity. However, you tend to underestimate your abilities, taking refuge in what you already know. Learning to be bold and self-disciplined, without waiting for life to bring it to you, will allow you to overcome these fears and develop your talents.

Socio-professional life: More talented than you think!

Underneath your harmless teddy bear looks, you are a formidable business partner, you know your interests perfectly. You also have an exceptional intuition, a 6th sense that sometimes allows you to make brilliant deals in unlikely investments. You spend mostly on your loved ones, your family, you tend to spoil the children and sometimes forget yourself along the way. For you, money is only a means to blossom and to please, you are not thrifty, but not spendthrift either...

Sphere of friendship: Friends are like family!

You have a great need to feel supported by your loved ones and comforted in your choices. It is therefore very important for you to surround yourself well so as not to be misguided. You are attentive, tolerant, understanding and you pay particular attention to the well-being of those around you. You have a sense of conviviality and you create around you a warm, intimate and harmonious atmosphere. You thrive on cultivating rare but deep friendships.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

You lack self-confidence, yet your imagination is an exceptional source of creative ideas that you should take advantage of to realize your desires. You escape into daydreams when the mood doesn't suit you, but you're fun and dedicated when things are going well.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You need roots to build your ideals. Your potential of creativity is very rich if you accept to let it free without worrying about the approval of others, you will then mix affectivity with your personal fulfillment.

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