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Introduction: Intense in all!

Scorpio ascendant Cancer: You are very secretive, a bit tortured in an intense world where all your emotions are heightened, which also gives you a great intuitive potential. You often experience difficult love affairs, because you need constant intensity in your relationships and this is a rare commodity. Your perseverance and greed allow you to achieve a successful career through hard work and inspiration.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Cancer: Sensitive and romantic
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Cancer: Hidden and capricious

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Personality: Hidden sensitivity!

Of a secret and introverted nature, you internalize your feelings, your passions, you isolate yourself regularly in your inner world which is in constant effervescence and makes you prone to anxieties, doubts. This attitude makes you enigmatic and magnetic, but you need to feel confident to open up.

Vitality / Temperament: Mixture of crab and scorpion!

Hypersensitive and easily hurt, you hide behind a shell that is difficult to penetrate, but you do not lack character. Creative and humorous, you are very attractive. Very intuitive and receptive, you feel people deeply, you guess their intentions. Very attached to your family, you are completely devoted to them although you are authoritarian and not always easy to live with.

Love and emotional relationships: Idealist and passionate!

You have a taste for romance and you probably live many love stories before finding the person of your life. In love, you do not commit yourself lightly, you are demanding in your search for the ideal partner. You need a solid and reliable person who is able to reassure you, to support you, to temper your worries. You are looking for passion, fusion and you tend to be possessive and jealous. Your attachments are deep and unshakeable.

In the family: To live happily, let's live hidden!

You often lack clarity in your words and actions. You are very attached to your family, but you do not show it, you prefer to remain discreet when it comes to intimacy. You have difficulty mixing your emotional life with the outside world, which can make it difficult for you to create a family life. You are also deeply attached to children and very often have an ease of contact with them that is envied.

Relationship with money / material goods: Need a challenge!

You need to work in an atmosphere of cordiality to exercise your talents to the fullest and develop them. Competition stimulates you only in the short term. Your creative potential is very rich as long as you are willing to let it emerge and materialize it, without being held back by possible criticism or by excessive shyness. A routine without surprises can quickly depress you and cause your career to go up and down with broken contracts, but also with unexpected opportunities. You have a lot of difficulty in managing your long-term projects, you tend not to finish what you start. You are particularly attracted by intense physical efforts and you will be more fulfilled in an active life which will give you the opportunity to expend yourself.

Socio-professional life: Discreet, but effective!

You prefer to act anonymously and this often works well for you. You are very selective in your associations and only commit yourself on a sound and solid basis. You need responsible partners in your business. You are able to dodge trials until they catch up with you, then you put all your intelligence into solving your material problems.

Sphere of friendship: Friend for life!

You are sensitive, tender and faithful, but you can be very temperamental. With your entourage, you remain reserved, moderate and observant. You are shy, but very helpful. You absorb ideas like a sponge. You identify easily with those who suffer and dream of healing the world. Your commitment is always strong, you are faithful and reliable, sometimes stubborn, but you are an unmovable pillar in your group of friends.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

You are endowed with an acute sensitivity that helps you to feel people and situations. You need to feel accepted to give the best of yourself. Your sensitivity helps you considerably to protect yourself from the outside world, which is a considerable asset. However, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the state of mind of those around you, which erodes your fighting spirit.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You place great importance on self-expression and a large part of your life is directed towards creative activity. Entertainment and leisure also play an important role in your life. You can thrive in an artistic career.

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