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Introduction: Gifted, but dependent!

Leo ascendant Cancer: Your imagination pushes you to develop great projects and your potential of realization is immense if your emotional life brings you the necessary support. Theatrical, generous and ambitious, all these aspects of your personality are destined to make you evolve towards intangible values. You are gifted to undertake, you follow your instinct in all situations and this can bring you beautiful surprises as well as great disappointments.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Cancer: Loving and creative
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Cancer: Anxious and angry

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Personality: Calm, luxury and pleasure!

You are particularly good at creating a peaceful and refined atmosphere wherever you go and, in your company, it is good to recharge in peace as often as possible! However, you are dependent on your environment: if the people around you are stressed or hateful, you can be just as stressed and hateful.

Vitality / Temperament: You are very protective!

Your temperament is above all animated by a fierce will to protect your assets, which includes your loved ones, those with whom you have an emotional bond. Feelings have a preponderant place in your destiny, they make you progressively evolve towards a greater facility to live your emotions. You are endowed with a great strength of will and, paradoxically, you experience strong emotions, an emotional vulnerability that leads you to believe that it is a weakness.

Love and emotional relationships: Moonlight Sonata!

Of a chivalrous nature, romantic, full of kindness and generosity, you have a sense of honor and loyalty. In the emotional field, you are quite possessive and especially in love or in relationships with others, you want to be able to count on fidelity and on commitment which are for you sacred values. Nothing makes you hate more than to feel that you cannot count on the other. You are demanding with yourself and you naturally expect the same quality in return.

In the family: Hospitality, a great value!

You are very protective of your family and very attached to your home. You love your home and you are particularly hospitable and warm. You have a great need to evolve in a friendly atmosphere and to feel loved, approved and admired by your loved ones. Your moods are changeable, because your self-esteem and your sensitivity make you sensitive, you do not tolerate criticism or mockery, but you are charming and very endearing.

Relationship with money / material goods: Gifted for a brilliant success!

Endowed with a keen sensitivity and a fertile imagination, you have an enormous creative potential that you know how to exploit very well in your professional life. Enterprising, dynamic, with a good business sense and fighting for generous ideas, you are destined to succeed. You can easily obtain a prominent position that provides you with the comfort, luxury you love so much and protection for those you love as much as for yourself.

Socio-professional life: A good investor but a spendthrift!

You have great material and pecuniary ambitions and you are particularly keen to earn your living by yourself, you need financial independence. You are very good at making what you have work for you. Material values give you a feeling of security, stability and you probably tend to accumulate a lot of objects, books, antiques, trinkets...

Sphere of friendship: Your friends are your mirrors!

In your friendship life, you are loyal and tenacious, you constantly need to prove your worth. Your home is the place where you feel most comfortable, that is why you maintain it with care and you prefer to receive your friends at home than to see them outside. With those you love, you are warm and protective, you love to be surrounded by your loved ones. When you don't like someone, you are capable of being unsympathetic and you don't let your antagonists have their say.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

You want to portray a bold and purposeful image of your abilities and seek to impose your views or methods on your environment. You need a job that involves challenges, even fights, to feel fully invested in your task.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You like to spend, enjoy your achievements and you are very generous. You have a strong value system, an incredible ability to stick to your commitments and responsibilities of which you can be proud. You always keep your promises. You have the art of creating solid and secure foundations and maintaining lasting relationships although, in this area, you must learn to manage your possessiveness.

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