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Introduction: Hard to place you!

Libra ascendant Cancer: This is not an easy combination, as you often feel frustrated. You lack realism in your endeavors and you are not given the help you want to realize your plans. Your life will be easier if you manage to take an artistic path. Your loves are deep and you tend to idealize your partner, you make yourself available and you are very romantic.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Cancer: Sensitive and communicative
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Cancer: Susceptible and capricious

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Personality: Too dependent!

You love people who love you back. Your seduction is great, but you find it difficult to fully realize yourself because of your dependence on your environment. It is in an artistic life that you will find the most outlets for your dreamy and solicitous nature. You can be flippant or capricious, and this fault must be corrected, because, professionally, it does not make you reliable in the long run...

Vitality / Temperament: Together, that's all!

You need to be accepted by others to give the best of yourself. Your expression is generally clear, without ambiguity, your sensitivity helps you to feel and identify the atmosphere, which is a considerable asset. But you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the state of mind of those around you, which erodes your fighting spirit.

Love and emotional relationships: Beware of routine!

In love, you aspire to stability and harmony. You are a great romantic and you need to feel loved and desired daily by a solid partner who makes you feel secure. Attentive and demonstrative, you rely on dialogue and complicity. In couple, you are full of tact, diplomacy, with a deep spirit. But you easily fall into the rut of routine and become narrow-minded. If the other person upsets you, you can hold a grudge.

In the family: Young owner!

You use your past, your roots as positive or negative examples to determine how you will manage your home. Your primary goal is to create a family and a home that you can be proud of and that will be the benchmarks for your life. This is how you will find the sense of security and emotional stability you so desperately need.

Relationship with money / material goods: Small old-fashioned workshop!

You are a bit temperamental, but so charming that you are forgiven everything. To feel good in your job, you need to find a second family, without that you are unstable. Dreamer, imaginative, creative, it is in the artistic field that you bloom best. You need to work in an atmosphere of cordiality to exercise your talents and develop them to the fullest. Competition does not stimulate you!

Socio-professional life: The silver screen!

Your creative potential is extremely fertile and will be profitable if you are willing to let it emerge from your unconsciousness and materialize it, without letting yourself be held back by the surrounding culture or by excessive modesty. You feel socially comforted by your possessions with which you can be very exclusive, placing your pride in your assets.

Sphere of friendship: The family of friends!

Very sensitive and homebody, you need to protect yourself from the outside world, to be able to lean on your close relations and it is within your family, your home that you feel the best. But you are also very sociable and you seek contact, exchanges with others. Emotional, a little shy and cautious, you need to feel confident to open up and reveal your warmth and friendliness.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

Your vitality and freedom of expression are manifested in the creation of a harmonious interior and a happy family life. Indeed, particularly attached to your family and your home of origin, you need to live in a cozy and warm atmosphere to feel good. With such an important attachment to your home, you can assert yourself by combining your professional efforts with your presence at home.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You may find it difficult to cut the cord with your parents. Often, your mother plays a major role in your life, perhaps too much so at times, with the risk of stifling your desire for freedom and autonomy and contributing to accentuating your natural introversion.

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