What kind of lover is she?

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Could this wonderful woman be your life partner? Dare to try our Tarot reading to determine her personality, character, expectations, and behavior. You will have a more precise idea, and you will decide whether to launch the experiment or not ... Draw 2 cards at random from the 22 arcanas and discover what your love destiny holds for you!

The Fool:
She acts in an irrational, light-hearted manner and totally lacks stability. Her thirst for love leads her into an increasing number of adventures, always repeating the same behaviour patterns and never finding the right match. Her tendency to confuse desire, urges and feelings plays tricks on her and puts her through many disappointments.

The Magician:
She will adapt to any situation, easily become fired up and also have a gift for bending to the desires of her partner of the moment. Her seductive powers will enable her to get everything she wants. She is very independent and finds it hard to keep her emotions under control. She prefers the fieriness and excitement of a new relationship. She can seem unstable as she is always ready to live life to the full and enjoy new adventures.

The High Priestess:
This is a serious, stable, profoundly loyal, sensual and loving woman. She is not easy to seduce as she is not interested in one-night stands. She is above all looking for a unique relationship and unconditional love. She will therefore take time to reflect and keep her emotions under control. Once she decides to launch into a relationship, she will invest fully and show great devotion to her partner.

The Empress:
She is feminine and has charisma, and overflows with generosity and tenderness. She hates complications and is looking for a lasting relationship that will enable her to share her sincere and straightforward feelings. However, she likes to take the lead and can be overly jealous and possessive. In fact, when she loves, she feels a need to possess her partner completely. This attitude will unfailingly lead to power struggles.

The Emperor:
She is extremely sensual with no difficulties in attracting men and allowing herself to be seduced. Although she is romantic, she can sometimes have difficulty in forming attachments, preferring to enjoy life's pleasures to the full and devote her time to material possessions. However, once she invests in a relationship, she is open and direct, and will be faithful and kindly towards her partner.

The Hierophant:
This woman has character. She is a trifle bossy, knows what she wants and is also very independent. It is not always easy for her partner to reach her heart and know where he stands with her, as she has a tendency to dominate the relationship and have a superiority complex where men are concerned.

The Lover:
She is indecisive and ambiguous by nature, liking to please and flit from one person to another. She is easily tempted by all pleasures and desires. She has difficulty in making choices and committing to a relationship, as her heart regularly tilts backwards and forwards between two people. As a result, she is often in an unstable situation and appears like a volatile person, who will have her freedom whatever the cost.

The Chariot:
She is an enthusiastic, optimistic woman who forges ahead and cultivates a conquering spirit. She needs movement and hates routine. Seduction is easy to her but this does not mean she is unstable or unfaithful. However, she expects her partner to be proactive and demonstrative, and for him to keep the flame of desire constantly burning and give of his best.

She is sincere, stable, faithful, serious and very selective in her love-life. She is not the kind to launch into a one-night stand or overdo things. Her choices are reasonable and she always invests in a relationship with integrity. She has her feelings under control and attaches great importance to the manner in which she is wooed. With her, you cannot expect to enjoy an impassioned relationship, but rather one that is calmer and devoid of fantasy.

The Hermit:
She is cautious and discreet, and can appear detached and inaccessible, whilst still very attractive. Behind her carapace, however, lies a passionate woman who asks nothing more than to find her soul mate. In a relationship, she is an introvert rather than an extravert and needs some time alone. She is also just as capable of going against her desires as satisfying them without restraint.

The Wheel of Fortune:
She is an enthusiast of all things new, change and the unexpected, and her feelings can progress and change completely, very suddenly and very quickly. She is seductive by nature and finds it hard to show emotional stability, preferring adventures to lasting relationships. With her, you need to expect anything as she has difficulty in envisaging the future in a rational way.

She is determined with a very assertive character, knowing very well how to control her emotions, enthusiasm and desires. Love by half-measures is not for her and she needs to be admired. She knows what she wants and is looking for a partner who is worthy of her and on whom she can rely. She can have a tendency to dominate her partner, once a relationship is established, from a need to control everything.

The Hanged Man :
This is an idealistic woman, profoundly devoted to her other half, with a tendency to be completely dependent on her partner. She is capable of abandoning everything for her relationship, adopting an attitude of submission and forgetting her own needs completely. She can therefore be a victim of self-denial or her choices in her love-life, and experience disappointment.

This is a passionate woman who is overflowing with sensuality and has a taste for conquest. Seduction in a relationship is very important to her and she therefore has relationships that aren't very meaningful. She is very demanding and has difficulty in finding satisfaction, so she easily moves on. She lacks depth and can seem totally detached.

Temperance :
This is a calm, conciliatory, stable, patient, level-headed woman, with an easy-going nature. She adapts with ease to all situations. She is looking for a genuine, sincere relationship punctuated by good living. She is permissive and open-minded and with her, there are no barriers and nothing is forbidden. Nevertheless, she has very refined tastes and appreciates relationships that move away from the beaten track.

The Devil:
She has charisma and a certain personal magnetism, and is endowed with a fiery temperament. Her seduction potential arouses desire and unfailingly awakens or fans the flames of passion, as she is very skilled at playing on her charms. She lives according to her desires and impulses. She is capable of excess in every way and can be extremely self-centred and vengeful if she does not get what she wants.

The House of God :
This is a very sensitive woman who often finds it hard to control her emotions. She can easily be derailed by her feelings and desires. As a result, it is difficult for her to maintain a calm relationship and feel fulfilled. If she suffers disappointment in her love-life or a break-up, her lack of emotional stability can have an extremely harmful effect on her equilibrium.

The Star:
She is romantic, intuitive, optimistic, full of charm, tender by nature and sensitive. With her, relationships are spontaneous and harmonious. She is looking for affection and kindness from a partner with whom she can envisage the future with confidence, share a peaceful love-life and mutual enrichment, fulfil all her desires and open up to new horizons.

The Moon:
This woman is intuitive and hypersensitive, gentle but fragile, with difficulty in externalising her feelings. She has a tendency to disconnect from reality and let herself be immersed in fanciful thoughts and her liking for pleasure. She needs a relationship with a solid, protective shoulder, but her instability won't allow her to commit for the long term.

The Sun:
She is generous, energetic, radiant, completely cheerful and fulfilled. She is entirely devoted and faithful to her partner, with whom she enjoys a deeply constructive, supportive, harmonious and passionate relationship. She has ways and means of adding a whiff of happiness and sharing warm, joyful moments. Life with her is extremely positive and pleasant.

Idealistic by nature, she is rarely satisfied and does not easily trust others. She is not very spontaneous and has an irrepressible need to analyse everything. She is very selective in her choices in her love-life. She is looking for the ideal man who is totally upright and to move forward in the same direction. She wants a stable and harmonious family life, but if she is to realise her dreams, she is recommended to have more patience.

The World :
She is a refined, elegant, extravert and charismatic woman, who likes to be surrounded by people and she can also be slightly over-idealistic. She is therefore searching for unconditional love and the perfect man, who can match her expectations and share feelings that are just as deep and intense as hers. If her wishes are achieved, she can have a fulfilling and imposing relationship. Otherwise, she will end up in love several times before finding that special person.

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