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Qualities of Gemini

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A Gemini is sociable, promising, dexterous, smart and adaptable. This is a flexible sign that retains a youthful fashion and a taste for playing games for a long time. Gemini are intellectual and full of humor, often talented for written expression or endowed with delighting manual skills. Gemini love playing with words or ideas as much as playing checkers or cards. They are eloquent telltales able to perfectly play the devil's advocate!

What are their best qualities? Gemini are loved for their subtlety, sense of humor, vitality and flexibility.

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Love Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are intelligent, adaptable, charming, curious and mobile
A great lot of chatting, of amusing mutual projects and indispensable exchange of activities, of passion or of common interests.

Single: They are sparkling lovers, troubadours, magicians. Young in heart, they love changes and surprises.

In couple: They are intellectually dynamic partners, curious and sociable, who will never let the routine rust their love story.

Friendship Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are flexible, serviceable, dynamic and cunning
They are talkative and inconstant friends but without any rancor or complication. They know an enormous number of people but reveal to be truly selective in the confidence they grant, however they are very serviceable and adapt to all kinds of environment.

Long-standing friendship: They only maintain close connections with a few selected people who savour their luck of truly knowing this evasive person.

Party: Gemini are zealous to participate in any activity requiring dexterity and cheerful spirits. This is a guest full of humor who engages with anyone and all with great ingenuity and subtlety.

Family Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are indulgent, eloquent, amusing and easy
You'll never get bored with a Geminian under their roof, provided that you are, same as them, able to get your hands and mind busy non-stop. They often are excellent at DIY, amateur craftsmen who greatly enjoy cobbling or tinkering...

As parents, Gemini don‘t put on airs, however they've got a subtle but quite real influence. They provide food for thought through their activities as well as expressing their ideas. They encourage strategic argumentations and suggest dozens of activities (that then have to be assumed!).

Children Gemini are in need of being busy, as boredom, immobility and slowness terrorize them. They never stand still and could seem to be inconstant and superficial. They have to learn to finish what they've started but they are quick-witted enough to dodge. They are neither aggressive nor stubborn but could reveal to be ironical.

Financial Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are ingenious, intelligent and opportunistic
They often have no special interest in finance but are really resourceful in case of trouble. If they need money, they are really gifted at rapidly finding a source of income by skillfully adapting to any situations.

How they manage money: They react with intelligence and insight, don't mingle feelings into their finance which protects them from potential errors or swindle. They manage investments with a great common sense.

How they spend money: They are rather frivolous in their expenses but in general have enough pragmatism not to get into trouble, even at the risk of having only pasta to eat at the end of the month...

Vacation Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are astucious, curious, opportunistic, frank
Their taste for travel is a perfect way of sharing nice dynamism, physical energy and multiple enriching relations.
They love long strolls, beach games, surfing and cycling...

In summer: They go crazy about discovering new places and meeting new people, they rake round handicraft markets, beach concerts and city exhibitions...

In winter: An eternal kid in them makes them sometimes prefer sledging to skiing in winter, they are free from any hangups to play snowballs or make a snowman or an igloo...
Come with them, you've never had such an amusing vacation before!

Memo of the Gemini's qualities: intelligent, lively, astucious, mobile

Gemini are predisposed to take changes easily. Their intelligence and critical mind consider all possibilities and they tackle events with flexibility and even pleasure as they dread boredom above all.
A little + : For all their life Gemini retain a certain juvenile freshness ever so seducing. Their mind, never at standstill, allows them to evolve endlessly by virtue of their acquaintances and encounters.

Home Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are easy to live with, diplomatic, independent, self-sufficient, sociable
They are active partners who open their home outwards by taking their close ones to parties full of surprises or by inviting any kinds of various characters, quite freaky at times.

In duet: They get annoyed fast, their intelligence has to be nourished by maintaining discussions, playing, watching interesting programs together. This is a partner who loves sharing.

In family: Gemini are born educators, especially talented for teaching children while having fun. They are full of resources when a practical problem occurs.

When they get up: They are early birds who easily plunge in their activities, given that they are various. They are truly skilled at doing several things at a time...

In the evening: Gemini can suffer from insomnia due to excessive nervous tension but a good film or a fine book can easily cope with this type of problem.

Work Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are multiple-sided, ingenious, eloquent, adaptable and mobile
A Geminian's job has to do with something intellectual or cunning as they need communication, movement and change. As employees, they are jacks of all trades, get shifted to another department, get assigned to a new project without any failure. They are not severe bosses but their pinches of biting irony can hit home.
They are amusing and keen-witted colleagues, sometimes a bit ill at ease with strict hierarchy or obsolete instructions but they are smart enough to keep an amicable atmosphere around.
They are cool bosses if relevant directions are being followed and the work rhythm remains acceptable. They lack patience face to some employees' obstinacy and the others' slowness.
If independent, they are endowed for doing multiple things at a time and adore working in a stimulating company. All the while, they can vent a fierce irony against slow or stubborn employees.

Fitness Qualities of Gemini

Gemini are alert, playful, sly and swift
The less bored they are, the less they munch, the less weary they are. Gemini keep fit as long as they are occupied, their intellectual side can undermine their morale in a few days if they've got a feeling of being of no more use or efficiency.

In sport: Gemini are more attracted to skill sports like fencing, tennis, badminton, figure skating as well as to two-wheel ones: motorcycling, cycling and walking, jogging, strolls. They are not keen adepts of more demanding disciplines...

Nutrition: GeminiGemini take little notice of their alimentation; their tastes lead them to eating like a bird rather than stuffing up their stomach. They have to find fine balance by avoiding fast food and choosing fresh food, even if already prepared if they hate cooking. As they don't bear constraints, it is preferred not to keep a diet but, when necessary, slightly change their nutritional habits.

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